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  1. I desperately want it to go back to automatically adding a space after flowing. When I type a message now, I have to touch the screen twice as often because I have to put in a space after the word I just typed in order to see the predictions. I rarely had trouble with it misunderstanding the word that I was flowing, but now it "suggests" the word that I've already typed. I absolutely despise this new feature and I don't understand why there isn't an option to have the space automatically dropped in.
  2. Please give an option to go back to an autospace after flowing a word. I have loved my Swiftkey keyboard for years now and I rarely make mistakes. Now there is an extra tap every time I flow a word. It makes me insanely frustrated to see it "correcting" my word to the exact word I already typed. Bring back the autospace after flowing, please. I beg of you.