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  1. If it's not a bug, could they at least give us the option of doing things the old way? Since updating it's no longer predicting any words, just giving me suggestions on the word I just wrote. You now have to manually add a space after every word in order to see the actual predictions. Feels like back-spacing to correct a mistake is more "normal" than having to tap space after every correctly written/flowed word in order to see the next predicted word. Judging from other threads on this forum, I'm obviously not alone in feeling this way.
  2. I agree with the last few people, it's not predicting anything anymore... just giving me suggestions on the word I just wrote (correctly) and I need to press space in order to see predicted next words. Typing/"flowing" is now painfully slow. Feel kind of weird to just remove this feature. Please add an option for auto-space.