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  1. I love stuff like this. I knew about fremdscham already, because I needed a word to describe why some comedies are unwatchable for me. My wife is pochemuchka, everyone says so, although not in so few words. I've got another German word for you: Torschlusspanik: the feeling of urgency or panic to accomplish something before some imaginary gate closes and “it’s all too late.” It’s mostly used for those who sense their biological clock is running out and feel the need to settle with a partner or have children immediately. What a jem, thanks Ryan, sorry for the necromancy. [emoji33][emoji33][emoji88][emoji88][emoji88] #necroposting
  2. My Samsung Galaxy S8+ Android 7.0 "Hacker Live Wallpaper" but all I see is blonde, brunette, redhead... I find the lack of customization in the native launcher mildly irritating, so I may take Nova Launcher for a spin.