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  1. KnightNotHorse added a post in a topic Swipe to delete not consistent [Bug reported]   

    Hi - same with me too - I have Flow disabled, and it seems like on my Galaxy S5, when I swipe backwards with my thumb, it does usually delete (to be fair), but sometimes it will just "pop-up" the letters as I swipe backwards.  It seems to have gotten better with the latest Beta - does anyone know if they addressed this at all in the last beta?  Thanks!
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  2. KnightNotHorse added a question in General Questions   

    Voice input count towards word learning capability?
    I use the voice input method often on SwiftKey and have wondered about this question for entirely too long: do words inputted using the voice-input method in SwiftKey count towards Swiftkey's "word learning" capability?  I would think not, since technically, aren't you using Google's voice input method?  For example, if I *typed* "Procrastinating is fun" over and over, then Swiftkey would soon suggest those words in that order.  But, if I *spoke* them in using the microphone icon on Swiftkey's keyboard, would Swiftkey still learn that sentence the same way or is it somewhat ignored by SwiftKey because it wasn't typed in on the SwiftKey keyboard?  Thanks so much!
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  3. KnightNotHorse added a post in a topic Swype   

    Yes, if SwiftKey could get the correction stength of Swype (as stated above in the quotes) then it would be near-perfect. I am looking forward to Flow, but hope even more that this new Flow includes stronger correction (aside from the obvious new swiping abilities). That would be grand.
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