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  1. Thanks for the answer! Awww...I was starting to get excited when I saw those in the Play store....
  2. Hi - I see "SwiftKey Beta Testing Group 4b" (and 4a as well) on Google Play store - what are these? I see that they are listed under SwiftKey Greenhouse, but didn't see anything about them on their forum. Are they different from the current latest SwiftKey Beta? I did a search on them here and nothing came up. Thanks!
  3. Hi, the beta version 2 of the regular SwiftKey keyboard just released an update that fixed the "swipe backwards to delete" issue (maybe that only plagued Samsung phones?). Could you PLEASE roll this fix into the neural version? Thanks!
  4. I use the voice input method often on SwiftKey and have wondered about this question for entirely too long: do words inputted using the voice-input method in SwiftKey count towards Swiftkey's "word learning" capability? I would think not, since technically, aren't you using Google's voice input method? For example, if I *typed* "Procrastinating is fun" over and over, then Swiftkey would soon suggest those words in that order. But, if I *spoke* them in using the microphone icon on Swiftkey's keyboard, would Swiftkey still learn that sentence the same way or is it somewhat ignored by SwiftKey because it wasn't typed in on the SwiftKey keyboard? Thanks so much!
  5. Yes, if SwiftKey could get the correction stength of Swype (as stated above in the quotes) then it would be near-perfect. I am looking forward to Flow, but hope even more that this new Flow includes stronger correction (aside from the obvious new swiping abilities). That would be grand.