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  1. I agree. I picked up Thumb Keyboard today as well and was completely impressed with how easy it is to use on a 10" screen while leaving lots of screen still visible. The other thing missing from SwiftKey Tablet X is a split keyboard in portrait mode.
  2. I prefer the 10" layout in Thumb Keyboard to SwiftKey. The smaller distance really does make a difference. I'd also like to see SwiftKey have a split keyboard option in portrait mode. On a 10" screen, the qwerty keyboard is huge!
  3. I have to partiality agree. Typing on my 10.1" gTablet using SwiftKey is good, but the screen is so big that there is still quite some distance between keys. Plus, SwiftKey only seems to have a qwerty keyboard in portrait mode, which makes the keys huge. I think if I had a 7" tablet, the key size wouldn't bother me as much. Thumb Keyboard is much more flexible. The 10" layout makes typing in landscape mode much easier (less space between keys, more symbols on the layout), plus it has a split keyboard available in portrait mode. I almost wish I had a combination of the two: Thumb Keyboard's better layout for 10" tablets with SwiftKey's text prediction.
  4. I guess I am a little different. In landscape mode, I prefer SwiftKey and use it the most. It is definitely more accurate than anything else. In portrait mode, I use Swype instead. With the smaller keyboard, I can swipe out words quicker than my large fingers can hit the correct keys. I mostly type in landscape mode, but will Swype out something quickly in portrait mode as well.