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  1. I think SwiftKey's silence and lack of haste about the tablet keyboard is beginning to hurt their reputation as well as hurt their revenue. Here is a review of the Thumb Keyboard. I've actually been using it from day 1 on my Xoom and I can't express how much better it is than any full-sized keyboard on the tablet. If you're tired of waiting for SwiftKey, then Thumb Keyboard is a pretty good alternative.
  2. Right now, there is one keyboard that is similar to the Swiftkey for Tablets. It's called Thumb Keyboard. I really want the Swiftkey for my Xoom and Archos 101, but if it doesn't come out soon, I may have to go with the Thumb Keyboard. The full keyboards just do not work very well on tablets. At least maybe an update on the progress would be good. X