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  1. Great feature - lovely improvement.
  2. Love the no space!
  3. Thank you both. Brandoberry's suggestion worked.
  4. When I open SwiftKey, I have no lines (menu) on the top left. Here's a screenshot.
  5. I have been unable to find SwiftKey settings. I need this to remove some themes from my phone. Can anyone help me, please?
  6. Right - I've noticed this, too. Was confused at first, then just continued flowing and "learned" that I need not press the space bar. However, I must admit that I still feel the need to check that the space IS there.
  7. Thank you, SwiftKey devs. Innovative themes. However, I would like to remove some of those I downloaded, but cannot seem to access settings. I'm using a Nexus 5. Would appreciate help here.
  8. It's cool in Hebrew - almost as much as it is in English. I prefer to enjoy what I have - pretty sure the little glitches will eventually be fixed.
  9. Right - I've kind of found that i grew accustomed to that, same as the red lines under all the Hebrew words!
  10. Thanks Alpert, that sounds very logical. I guess a spell check wasn't performed earlier, when there were no red lines. I do use English as my default language, so my Hebrew will remain underlined until the devs find a solution. Not a big problem!
  11. I, too, have been experiencing the red lines under all words in Hebrew. Looks like SwiftKey doesn't recognize the words. Would be nice to find a solution.
  12. I love this keyboard! Even the theme is quite nice. I really need the Hebrew, though. Still, in my opinion this is the best development so far. Nexus 4
  13. Very easy instructions to follow. My Nexus 5 almost did it almost alone. No problems, worked on first attempt, and it's lovely to get free gifts!
  14. Not crazy about the minimals, but I love them all. My favorite, though is ice. Really COOL.
  15. My favorite is Ice, but I also like the Cobalt very much. Don't like the dark keyboards much - I find them more difficult to use. I must say that I think the SwiftKey themes are just one example of the uniqueness of SwiftKey. Who would want a Windows keyboard for cells or tablets?