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  1. Micheal added an answer to a question Italian " po' "   

    I second that.
    I have already reported the issue directly to Ryan of SwiftKey Team, and I have submitted a ticket at support.swiftkey.com as well.
    I suggest you do the same and submit a ticket, unfortunately there is no section to report language-related feedback in this forum.
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  2. Micheal added a post in a topic Note: Not the forum for language feedback   

    Hi Ryan,
    I'm a bit at a loss here. I'd like to report a problem with the recent update to the italian language package and I can't find the right section where to do it.
    The link you posted (support.SwiftKey.com) only relates to FAQs and not to feedback forms.

    I find it appalling that there is no longer an appropriate section in the whole SwiftKey VIP forum where users can post feedback on languages. I thought that languages meant EVERYTHING for a predictive keyboard!

    Could you please point me to an area where my feedback will be heard by the SwiftKey team, like it uses to happen just some months ago?

    Thanks in advance.

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  3. Micheal added a topic in App Chatter   

    Slice Keyboard
    Hey guys, have you heard of Slice Keyboard?
    Probably not, as it's just been launched. The concept is mind-blowing. While the user seems to need a lot of practice before getting the most out of it (indeed, with the keyboard comes even a typing tutorial), the idea at the base has really struck my attention.
    Slice Keyboard is conceived for tablet use only. I'm really curious to read what reviews say
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  4. Micheal added a post in a topic How do you view the VIP forum from your android?   

    I hope they fix the compatibility issue with the new version soon... web browsing is ok, but Tapatalk seriously rocks!
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  5. Micheal added a topic in App Chatter   

    Jelly Bean stock kb
    So, to put it politely, Google has learnt from SwiftKey's example, as in Jelly Bean's new standard keyboard there are not only autocorrections, but also predicions.

    Don't worry, SK... your keyboard is way better
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  6. Micheal added a post in a topic Ice Cream Sandwich Theme - please vote!   

    Please use the Blue colour only in the predictions!!!!! Otherwise that's really gonna be a stone in the eye!!!
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