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  1. Prad added a post in a topic iOS 9 & SwiftKey Stability   

    Hey, no worries. It all makes perfect sense. It becomes hard to determine where the issue is.  We know SwiftKey for iOS is not the most stable generally and it's something that pains us as we continue to work on making it better. We also hope Apple continues to make their OS more accommodating to 3rd party keyboards. 
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  2. Prad added a post in a topic How many beta apps are you using?   

    I had to edit my post a few times. I would keep thinking of a new app I test. I can easily forget I'm testing more than what I remember.
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  3. Prad added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Welcome Lee! Anything you'd like to explore do as a new community member?
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  4. Prad added an answer to a question When will iOS swiftkey be updated to look like Android   

    Thanks for the honest feedback. We understand that not ever feature is going to appeal to everyone. Themes were something that was highly expressed via the community.
    We are also noting the community needs for wanting more features that make it up to par with the Android app. It's coming in clear. Up from here!
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  5. Prad added a post in a topic New Retro Game Themes   

    Hey Ankit, thanks for the feedback, but can we try to stay on the topic of this thread, which is opinions of the Retro Pixel themes. You can always start a new thread regarding what color themes you'd like to use.
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  6. Prad added a post in a topic Blank Text Field Predictions not customizing   

    Hi Mike, 
    I'm not entirely sure this is a bug. SwiftKeys predictions are not meant to be app specific. Is that what you were expecting?
    Like if you opened Twitter, maybe you'd expect to see predictions of user handles. [@Google, @SwiftKey, etc]?
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  7. Prad added a post in a topic SwiftKey time for appearing...   

    Hi there,
    You are having issues with SwiftKey opening on your device? What version number are you running?
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  8. Prad added a post in a topic last update et no emoji !   

    Hi Sina,
    The emoji you are accessing are Textras and not SwiftKeys. This section of the forums is also dedicated to the beta app and not the market app. Please contact textra regarding your issue.
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  9. Prad added a post in a topic Hola   

    Welcome aveen!
    Happy to hear you find the multilingual aspect a good feature to use.
    Looking forward to seeing you around.
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  10. Prad added a post in a topic Hi All!   

    Hi Zoom~
    Welcome to SK VIP! We have a lovely strong community growing here. Looking forward to seeing you around.
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  11. Prad added a post in a topic Yo   

    Welcome to VIP Joey. Looking forward to hearing your feedback about Clarity and SwiftKey beta!
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  12. Prad added a post in a topic Suggestion bar doesn't display when using physical keyboard[BUG]   

    Hi Luke,
    No further action is needed at this time. The bug and all info has been reported. It's slated for a sprint.
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  13. Prad added an answer to a question So difficult to type in email addresses in lower case   

    There is no doubt this experience could be easier. I'm wonder when trying to get SK to learn your email you're changing between upper and lower case? I don't think email clients worry about this do they? Or is it purely for aesthetic issues for you?
    If you want to me to test this for you with more details, you can send me a PM with the actual email and I'll see if I can help make this better.
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  14. Prad added a post in a topic New Beta Icon [Discussion]   

    Yea, that was for testing purposes only. This should be the final icon. 
    I use an icon pack too, but this one is not changed.
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  15. Prad added a post in a topic What would you like to share from your keyboard?   

    Oh, didn't think of that either! Solid idea.
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