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  1. Prad added a post in a topic Expandable suggestion/prediction bar?   

    With less complex languages, we feel that three predictions is the optimal amount to show. Anything more means you spend more time looking for the right word.
    We show that dropdown with Chinese and Japanese because of all the characters. It's a great suggestion, but we've declined to make any moves on this solution.
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  2. Prad added a post in a topic Words double up in Chrome text fields (Helpelp) [Bug Reported]   

    thanks for the updates. Seems things got better but not 100% yet. I've shared this info with the dev and it will be looked into. We also wrote to Chrome about this issue. Might be something they can help with.
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  3. Prad added a post in a topic Unstable with Russian layout   

    I don't have that tablet so I can't try on that device. Are you able to try this on an Android phone to see if the same thing happens?
    Want to try a fresh install of the app and see if that helps.
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  4. Prad added a post in a topic Slow showing keyboard on S6 [Bug reported]   

    We have some deep investigation going on with the S6 and 5.1.1. I think we might be okay with data right now but will reach out if need some help getting more.
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  5. Prad added a post in a topic Unstable with Russian layout   

    Hi there,
    Sorry this is happening. Can you please provide some more details.
    This freezing just happens with normal use?What happens if you change the layout to the other Russian one?Does the same thing happen?Does it happen only in certain apps or all of them?We released a new beta today, does it happen with the 5.3.7 release?Best,
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  6. Prad added a post in a topic 5.3.7 performance discussion   

    This is for the beta. If you are not part of the beta, please see the post on how to join the beta program.
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  7. Prad added a post in a topic 5.3.7 performance discussion   

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  8. Prad added a topic in Discussion   

    5.3.7 performance discussion
    Hey VIPs,
    Please use this thread to talk about general performance with this latest update.
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  9. Prad added a topic in Release Notes   

    SwiftKey 5.3.7 beta is now ready for download
    Hello beta testers,

    This beta is focused on patches and minor improvements to the market release of 5.3. 

    Whats New

    - Predictions are now available in ‘To’ fields in email apps
    - Added support for Gifting/Promo codes
    - We’ll no longer add that extra space when inserting your email prediction into a email field (e.g<space>) when logging in to a site


    -Potentially fixed the Chrome forum double bug (Helpelp) but is being monitored
    - You can now see the prediction bar when using a physical keyboard
    - Double emoji key for tablets in messenger apps

    Leave bug reports and feedback in the VIP Android beta forums.

    Note that it may take up to 24 hours for this to become available on your phone. 

    Download link - SwiftKey for Android Beta

    Having trouble accessing the beta? Find full instructions here

    Type Less. Do More


    Ryan & The Android Team
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  10. Prad added a post in a topic Clarity   

    There is a specific forum for Clarity, which can be found here. Please post all Clarity related stuff there.
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  11. Prad added a post in a topic Crashing with iPad air 8.4.1 [Bug Reported]   

    I spoke to our devs, they said to try a few things to see if it helps.
    If you have two languages installed, remove one of them.
    Try turning flow off
    Try signing out of Cloud
    The crashes might be caused by SwiftKey hitting the memory limit. Trying those things may help.
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  12. Prad added a post in a topic Hello   

    hey Serg,
    I want to make sure we're all on the same page here.
    There are two types of reporting that could happen with your status in this community.
    1) Ambassador reporting. You can find details here
    2) beta reporting (as a normal user) - There are key things to do before reporting a bug that help me get the right info to devs
    Here is a general guide to help submit a good bug report to any app company
    Device make and modelCurrent OS versionCurrent app version (of the one you're reporting the bug on)Mention if you're rooted or running a custom romStep by step on how you got the bugThis helps us and others attempt to reproduceAny images or video that helps showcase the bugCan you replicate it on the stock keyboard or anotherThis helps determine if it's an issue with another app or perhaps your device
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  13. Prad added a post in a topic Hello   

    If you are having issues with the Market version, report bugs by going to
    If you are having an issue with the beta app, go here (or look for the forum called Android beta). The forums should all be clearly labeled.
    There are quite a few links but I don't think it's overly confusing. There are certainly way less forums then the Android Central forums. 
    When it comes to reporting, what do you mean exactly?
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  14. Prad added a post in a topic [PB3] Incomplete text after changing orientation   

    Cool, thanks for reporting. This happens only with WhatsApp from what you've seen so far?
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  15. Prad added a post in a topic Hello   

    The cool thing about the beta is that  it's a separate app. So if for some reason it crashes over and over you can always revert back to SwiftKey Market version. 
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