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Thank you for checking out SwiftKey Insiders. We are currently in the process of moving over to a new community platform. As we migrate all users and content over, we will not be accepting any new applications. As soon as the new Community is live, we will update this page with the new URL and applications will again be welcome. 

We will update this page with the new Community URL when it goes live. 


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  1. Hello everyone, SwiftKey has always been very interested in getting feedback from our community. There was once upon a time a private beta community helping test SwiftKey before the official launch. In fact, this was the genesis of the VIP forum. Since SwiftKey's inception, we've had a range of beta programs: public, to private, to very private. Now that SwiftKey for Android beta is completely open (and listed in the Play Store) that community and feedback has moved over to our support forums. We felt like this just made the most sense. What do we do with this forum then, you say? Launch A New Community - Of Course Keeping the spirit of this forum's creation alive - testing and early feedback - we are proud to announce the launch of SwiftKey Insiders. Wait, hold on a second...SwiftKey Insiders, you say? Sounds a lot like Windows Insiders? Well you're right, it is a very similar program. If you missed it, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft in early 2016 - that is part of the reason why we are using the SwiftKey Insiders name; plus it also rolls off the tongue nicely. What Is SwiftKey Insiders? SwiftKey Insiders is designed to be a smaller community focused on giving feedback on new projects we are working on. (more on this later) Since this is a smaller community, there will be emphasis on quality. What do you mean by quality? We want members to be very active and engage with us and other members regularly. We don't want this to be a chore, this should be a fun and enjoyable experience. How or why would it be fun? We're glad you asked. Why Should I Join? We are looking for people who like using SwiftKey and want to help make SwiftKey and any future SwiftKey products better for yourself and everyone else who uses them. How? By providing your honest and thoughtful feedback via the projects that we share with you. While we know that many of you who identify as "power users" and early adopters enjoy beta testing apps, we also hope that some of you who just use your phone a lot will want to participate as well. Everyone's opinions matter equally here! What Are These Projects? We will be sharing a range of different projects through this community. They will be based on features and products that are currently in development and we want to get community feedback on how to fine-tune them and make them better before they get a full rollout. Here are some examples of the types of projects you'd see: Mockups Early designs Surveys (most likely lots of them) Polls Prototypes Virtual APKs Trust and Validation Since this community is going to be focused around unreleased features and products, there needs to be a level of trust here. If you decide to signup - we do ask you quite a few questions to get to know you a little better and why you want to join. You'll also be required to sign an NDA. Supported Platforms Sounds great, how do I join? This community is currently only open to Android users. if you do use iOS or Windows, feel to sign up in the event that we open this program to support additional platforms. If this sounds like something that interests you, sign up using the signup button. Current SwiftKey Community Member If you are already have an account on this forum and are interested in joining this new community. There are a few things to do to apply for this community. You'll need to update your profile and some Account Settings. Note: these changes cannot be done via Tapatalk. You will need to make these changes via a browser Here are the things you will need to edit - this information will remain private On Mobile Click the hamburger menu on the top right Click Account Click "Profile" Fill out all the mandatory fields - there are a handful of them All of this information is needed Hit Save Go back to Account Click on Account Settings Click on "Settings Area" (it's a grey box) Click on "Change Group" Click on the the boxes of things that you are interested in Save On Desktop Click on your Profile photo in the top right Click on Profile Answer all the required questions Hit save Click back on your profile photo Go to Account Settings Change Groups Click on the boxes of things that you are interested in Save Once you have taken those two actions, send me a PM letting me know you are done and we'll take the next steps. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
  2. Prad

    GIF Content

    I understand how you feel. We are seeing others with the similar response. We have to talk a fine line due to our app being listed in the play store as all ages. So we have to be careful with the content we show within the app. There is internal conversation happening about how to best handle this.
  3. Prad

    GIF Content

    @Dvs1jsn Due to some policies we had to change our GIF search results to more strict. We are seeing this is not making people happy so we are going to revisit it. In the future, please post normal product related questions on our Community help forum found at support.swiftkey.com - thanks.
  4. Prad

    Move cursor

    Hi, This forum is no longer the place to post feature requests. Please go to support.swiftkey.com to do that. Thanks.
  5. @Tarka22 I can see that you are. You should see forums called Experiments. There is nothing active right now. I would make sure you have email notifications turned on so you can be aware of when new stuff is coming. Email is how most communication is handled with this community.
  6. You're already in it. =p
  7. So are you saying you'd like to join this new SwiftKey Insiders Community?
  8. Thanks for sharing that, @lyndale =]
  9. Let me clear some things up. This Community platform has existed for a long time. It used to be a place to report beta feedback, and it was also a community to community support forum. All those things are in the past. It has become a new Insiders Community. Which is why almost everything else is hidden. There are instructions in this post for members who already have an account how to get access to this new community.
  10. Prad

    What's Swiftkey prototype A and B?

    This test you were invited to is not part of this program. Please refer to any emails or surveys you got to provide feedback for this beta. Any projects that come through SwiftKey Insiders will come through this forum.
  11. This program is Android only right now. Insiders help by participating in the experiments I send out and providing their feedback on those. Any general ideas and feature requests can be directed to support.swiftkey.com - but we also do encourage topics for discussion.
  12. Prad

    Insightful Swiftkey feedback on VIP?

    Hi there, As you have pointed out, this forum is no longer used as feedback. It has become a new Insiders Community. All general feedback and bug reports can be posted in support.swiftkey.com. Things were jus too complicated having both forums in one place. There is a moderator team that manages the forums now, they flag things to me in which we discuss are important. The forums at support.swiftkey.com are where you can post a bug or start a discussion, if anything, that forum is more easy to find and has decent engagement and attracts more of the average user. If you feel like your forum post is not getting attention, tweet it to us and or submit a ticket as well. I hope this helps.
  13. Hey VIPs, I know we currently live in a world of sharing things, so I thought about this question. "What types of content would you most like to be able to share / input direct from your keyboard aside from gifs and stickers?" Best, Ryan
  14. What exactly do you mean? Want to provide some context? What was this make easier for you versus what your device is already capable of doing?
  15. Prad

    Facebook Light

    VIPs, If you happen to really enjoy Facebook but don't want their app taking a huge portion of your devices memory.. you might be interested in Facebook Light. Read more about it on Androidandme.com Will you check it out...or nah? Cheers, Ryan
  16. We have moderators that help answer questions on the forums. We'll find a solution to your troubles. =]
  17. Hi Jill, That is because this is no longer a support forum. Please send all queries to support.swiftkey.com where you can post on the new forums or submit a direct ticket. Thanks, Ryan
  18. We can never guarantee any features. But all suggestions are taken into consideration. I think this is a little beyond our scope for now, but who knows what the future holds.
  19. This is true, it's a fine line. We're already getting bloatware comments for adding GIFs and such. Yet, this is basically how the landscape is moving with keyboards. To a platform, not just a utility. We have some solid performance work underway right now. We should see some benefits of this soon.
  20. Yea, they can be savages over there. I only jump in where i feel like I can provide value to the conversation. I see no point in jumping into toxic conversations.
  21. Interesting, this is something I have not thought about. Would you prefer we partner with game makers and have them work within the keyboard, or would we create some other interesting word based/typing based games?
  22. Hi Michael, AP is my favorite Android blog to read. I tend to jump in there and respond to people when I see them write about us. If you visit the link now, you'll see my commenting. Thanks for sharing.
  23. Prad

    Galaxy S8 / S8+ freezing

    Hi there, Two things: We are looking into why this is happening. So this is good news This forum is no longer designed for support forums. They have moved to support.swiftkey.com Thanks, Ryan
  24. Prad

    Get_config issue with tapatalk

    I've been dealing with their support (which is still slow). It seems to be working now though for some reason. On the latest version of Tapatalk for Android. I was logged in and able to view stuff yesterday.
  25. Prad

    Get_config issue with tapatalk

    I'm still working with their support staff to get it all sorted. Sorry about the delay. We've been hitting a lot of road blocks. They've also mentioned they are backedup with support tickets, so response time has been a little slow, but I'm still on it!