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  1. I know this has been lingering. We have something in the works. I'll update you when we have a fix rolled out. Thanks for your patience.
  2. Hello everyone, If you did not get the email I sent out last week, or did not read this post, these forums are closing and have been moved over to our Zendesk site. You can find the direct link here: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/community/topics Any topic that has already been created will remain open until we can close it out. No new topics will be allowed to be created. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
  3. Hello everyone, I have some exciting news for you today! Read on... A few years ago, we added a User to User (U2U) section to our VIP Community. In this area, over 8,000 questions have been asked across the Android and iOS community. This means that thousands of people came to this community seeking help and were able to get answers to their questions from another member of the SwiftKey community. We're very proud of everyone that contributed to the success of this support community. As of Wednesday, February 15th, all changes mentioned below are effective. The VIP Forums will remain open and active until Monday, February 20th. After that, the forums will only be "view only" User to User Forums The U2U section was put in place to help with support while also bringing people together to help each other out. We are now taking a step forward and launching the next version of this community. Even though it's in a different location, the same level of dedication will be applied. The fantastic Mod team will transition with this move and be there to help any questions that you may have. Today, we're moving our U2U community to our support site. Now when you end up on our support site (which hopefully isn't too often) then search for your question, you'll be able to see knowledge base articles as well as answers and questions from the community. This keeps all relevant support-related content in the same area, allowing you to get in and out faster than ever. It also means that more people who are looking for help will find it all in one place. New SwiftKey Support Community The U2U forums will remain open to look at for a few more days, but new content will not be able to be posted. I want to thank everyone who posted or answered a question in these forums over the years. It was thanks to all of you that our community was so awesome! Adding a big special thanks to the Mod team: Alpert, Brandoberry, Subliminal5oh2, driftinganomaly, EeZeEpEe (retired), Ledsteplin, Iamdaymo & Martin23 for being the ones who were most on top of responding to your questions as soon as they could. Beta Forums The beta forums have also been moved to Zendesk. We have not created their own separate section. Post beta related questions in the general Android or iOS sections. The mod team & SwiftKey staff will be there to answer questions. If we feel things start to get too messy by combining beta and market support forums, we can create a specific beta one. Greenhouse Forums The Greenhouse forums will also be closed down. We have created a section for SwiftKey Symbols. The rest of the forums will not migrate over for the time being. What does this mean for the rest of the VIP Community? Great question! We have plans, and we'll be sending out more updates soon. If you have any questions or concerns, you can always post them here. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
  4. Hi beta community, Today's beta introduces a feature that's been highly requested in the community: Incognito Mode - while this is enabled, SwiftKey doesn't learn the words you type. Access this new feature by: Opening up the SwiftKey Hub Tap the gear icon Tap on the Incognito Mode icon OLD NEW You'll notice when this mode is on because your current theme switches to a dark theme with a mask in the background. This is to visually let you know that Incognito Mode is active. To turn it off, just repeat the steps above. What do you think about Incognito Mode? Cheers, Ryan
  5. Greetings VIPs, As the thread says, I'm Ryan and I'm a Community Manager here at SwiftKey. I'm going to share some info about myself if you care to read and know a little but more about me. Every since the birth of the Sidekick I was a fanatic of smart devices. I loved the Sidekick and ranted and raved about it to all my friends. Fast forward and true smartphones came about. I was never an iPhone guy, so waited for that G1 and swooped on it right away. While it wasn't superior to the iPhone in any way, I loved it nonetheless. This sparked my passion for Android (I was already a Google fanboy, so it was only natural). I started reading plenty of Android blogs, the first of which was Phandroid which is still one of my favorites. As I read and read they posted about SwiftKey a few years later. This was the first app I ever purchased and do not regret it. I started engaging with SwiftKey on social media as they are still growing and becoming relevant for businesses. I naturally joined the VIP forums and was exchanging emails with Evan as I took part in the beta program. After a while of being a VIP, I was able to be part of this cool documentary SwiftKey made about their users. This is how I met Joe Braidwood, our CMO. This relationship is how I ended up working for SwiftKey and I wouldn't take any of it back. Enough about that, I'll share some more personal things as well. I'm currently living in San Francisco and loving it. When I'm not chatting with folks on here or social media you can find me at a local pub, park or geared up playing roller hockey in the Mission. I have tremendous passion for hockey and play as much as I can. I also like to get down on NHL on my PS3 and hopefully 4 soon. If you play that game, let me know and we can trade PSN's and battle it out. Oh yea, my favorite team is the Anaheim Ducks as well. If you have any questions, sound off in the thread below. Cheers, Ryan
  6. Hi beta community, This is another feature hitting the beta today that has also been highly requested by the community. A few months ago, we rolled out Clipboard for SwiftKey. With this new beta, we've added the ability to assign a "shortcut" or text expansion to each clip. Example: In the "add clip" section you see the additional text field below that allows you to add the shortcut. The image on the right shows what happens when you type in that shortcut and how it then appears on the prediction bar. What does everyone think of this new feature? How could it be improved? Cheers, Ryan
  7. Hello, Thank you for joining up to our VIP Forum, we would love to hear your feedback on our latest product. SwiftKey's new product allows you to type Hindi and English simultaneously using just one keyboard! Use only QWERTY keyboard to type, and receive predictions in: 1. Hindi (devanagari) 2. Hinglish (Phonetic Hindi) 3. English Predictions adapt to your writing style and language. So, if you are a pro-Hindi user, you will see more Hindi predictions versus others. To begin the testing please first fill out a very quick survey https://swiftkey.typeform.com/to/M4g4yX then Download the app here: https://play.google.com/apps/testing/com.touchtype.swiftkey.t13n_survey2Bhi Cheers, Ryan
  8. Hello everyone, Cursor control by 3D touch is now live in the beta app. Please let me know what you think. edit: for the iPhone 6s and above Best, Ryan
  9. Hello everyone, Ive been seeing a lot of attention around GIF support. As Android has made this a better experience with their API, I'm curious as to what types of features you think would make this an awesome experience inside SwiftKey. I've created a poll with some predefined ideas I've come up with, but you should be able to add some of your own, if not, post them in the comments and I can add them. Lets hear all your wild ideas. Cheers, Ryan
  10. So this has been done. When Flowing, you now see corrections instead of the next word prediction. What do you think of the change?
  11. This is not a bug, but how Flow is going to work going forward. This new Flow feature is out to 100% of beta and will be rolling out to market soon. There is an issue that OP wrote and we are working on a fix.
  12. Hello VIPs, Are you a SwiftKey for Android user based in India? Do you have a pretty big social media following? (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, a blog, etc.) We’re looking for enthusiastic users to help us with a very special project. Comment below if you’re interested! Cheers, Ryan
  13. We definitely did not. We know this bug took way too long to fix. Hopefully you'll get used to the new and normal way. =]
  14. Hey Brian, We had about ~30 people use Tapatalk on our forums on a monthly basis. Thats not much. And Tapatalk may have been the market leader in reading multiple forums, but their product still left a lot to be desired in my opinion. You couldn't tell if you were talking to a Moderator/Staff member or a regular person, because no badges were shown. Trying to Moderate content on Tapatalk was also a poor experience. I'm not here trying to bash their service. Ultimately, this is what we felt made the most sense. I'm sorry that this is not the best experience for you. This is not to say Tapatalk may not come to this service at some later point. I can't speak for what Zendesk is going to do. But we will continue to try and provide a good experience for users coming to the Forums.
  15. This feedback is helpful and I see your point. Beta and market, are technically the same app. You also may not realize how much people post in the wrong spots, all.the.time. It probably goes unnoticed due to mods and myself, merging and moving posts to keep things organized. Having one section for Android and iOS *should* decrease confusion. This is where the simplicity comes into play. We have not ruled out bringing back the Android beta section. We are going to see how things go now that the forums are live and if it gets messy, then we will talk about bringing them back. I advocate for it, as I think it's a nice place to keep community discussions going. The new mobile site is more focused on search. Hopefully a good search should result in a post you were looking for so you can jump in and comment or if it doe snot exist, you can create the post. What are your particular pain points about the mobile site? We can always make changes to this too.
  16. Hi there, I understand things are different. As you noticed, there is a bug with trying to caps the next word. We will fix this. You can still get next word predictions by selecting a word first. We also understand how changes in how things work can throw you off. As you said, it's only been a few hours. Just try giving it a few days and see if your feelings change. We are listening to feedback while this rolls out.
  17. This was fixed in version 6.5.3. I just tested this and it should be working.
  18. Press on the pin icon and they will not expire. They expire after an after for security reasons.
  19. We wanted to simply things on the new site. There is always a chance we can bring it back. I also think it's a good idea to have that forum, but we are trying a simpler method. If things do get too complicated, we can always add a new section.
  20. Hello everyone, If you did not get the email I sent out last week, or did not read this post, these forums are closing and have been moved over to our Zendesk site. You can find the direct link here: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us/community/topics Any topic that has already been created will remain open until we can close it out. No new topics will be allowed to be created. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
  21. Hello all, This has finally been fixed! Please update SwiftKey to 6.5.4. Best, Ryan
  22. Can you try a fresh install.
  23. Hello everyone, We tend to see some of reports of loss of prediction quality after an app update. We're looking for some people who have experienced this recently. If so, what kinds of words do you feel or actually did go missing? - Common words - Phone numbers - Email addresses - Physical addresses - Etc Anything you can mention specifically would be super helpful. Best, Ryan
  24. When a fix comes out, it will most likely come to beta first. Then it will come to market. I will use this thread to let people know of the fix.