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  1. Hey VIPs, Due to a great conversation I had with Subliminal5oh2 I wanted to create this post for the community. I know some of you are all about customizing your device whether it's Android or an unlocked iPhone. Show us what your current home screen looks like or a screenshot of one you had in the past. Feel free to list off the details such as custom launcher, icon packs and apps you keep on the home screen. I'll go ahead and kick it off. Moto X - stock Custom Launcher: Aviate (I never thought I'd get into those but I love this). I'm using the transparent theme. Icon Pack: Minimalico Apps from left to right: Hangouts, Swarm, Chrome, Gmail, G Maps, Instagram, FB, Camera, GPS, NHL Gamer center, ESPN Fantasy, Tapatalk and Google's new Inbox. Thanks again for the idea, Subliminal. Now, show what us what you're rocking! Best, Ryan
  2. This os my latest. I have a Google live case and wallpaper. So the map moves srojjd as I do. Sent from my Pixel using Tapatalk
  3. Generally yes. It should be fine. If you don't see something, or it looks funny, feel free to check this site on mobile web. It's mostly just links. I don't recommend tapatalk though as it leaves a lot of core forum features out, such as profiles and polls and links sometimes don't work. Things that we cannot control.
  4. For anyone that understands more than language just a little bit should know that not everything in one language transfers over to another. What this means is that saying one thing in a language could mean something completely different or mean nothing at all in another languages. We've gone ahead and made a list of 10 words from different languages that we think should have an English equivalent. What do you think of these words? Do you have any that you'd like to add? Read the full post Top 10 ‘untranslatable’ words that should exist in English Sound off in the comments Cheers, Ryan
  5. Hello everyone, SwiftKey has always been very interested in getting feedback from our community. There was once upon a time a private beta community helping test SwiftKey before the official launch. In fact, this was the genesis of the VIP forum. Since SwiftKey's inception, we've had a range of beta programs: public, to private, to very private. Now that SwiftKey for Android beta is completely open (and listed in the Play Store) that community and feedback has moved over to our support forums. We felt like this just made the most sense. What do we do with this forum then, you say? Launch A New Community - Of Course Keeping the spirit of this forum's creation alive - testing and early feedback - we are proud to announce the launch of SwiftKey Insiders. Wait, hold on a second...SwiftKey Insiders, you say? Sounds a lot like Windows Insiders? Well you're right, it is a very similar program. If you missed it, SwiftKey was acquired by Microsoft in early 2016 - that is part of the reason why we are using the SwiftKey Insiders name; plus it also rolls off the tongue nicely. What Is SwiftKey Insiders? SwiftKey Insiders is designed to be a smaller community focused on giving feedback on new projects we are working on. (more on this later) Since this is a smaller community, there will be emphasis on quality. What do you mean by quality? We want members to be very active and engage with us and other members regularly. We don't want this to be a chore, this should be a fun and enjoyable experience. How or why would it be fun? We're glad you asked. Why Should I Join? We are looking for people who like using SwiftKey and want to help make SwiftKey and any future SwiftKey products better for yourself and everyone else who uses them. How? By providing your honest and thoughtful feedback via the projects that we share with you. While we know that many of you who identify as "power users" and early adopters enjoy beta testing apps, we also hope that some of you who just use your phone a lot will want to participate as well. Everyone's opinions matter equally here! What Are These Projects? We will be sharing a range of different projects through this community. They will be based on features and products that are currently in development and we want to get community feedback on how to fine-tune them and make them better before they get a full rollout. Here are some examples of the types of projects you'd see: Mockups Early designs Surveys (most likely lots of them) Polls Prototypes Virtual APKs Trust and Validation Since this community is going to be focused around unreleased features and products, there needs to be a level of trust here. If you decide to signup - we do ask you quite a few questions to get to know you a little better and why you want to join. You'll also be required to sign an NDA. Supported Platforms Sounds great, how do I join? This community is currently only open to Android users. if you do use iOS or Windows, feel to sign up in the event that we open this program to support additional platforms. If this sounds like something that interests you, sign up using the signup button. Current SwiftKey Community Member If you are already have an account on this forum and are interested in joining this new community. There are a few things to do to apply for this community. You'll need to update your profile and some Account Settings. Note: these changes cannot be done via Tapatalk. You will need to make these changes via a browser Here are the things you will need to edit - this information will remain private On Mobile Click the hamburger menu on the top right Click Account Click "Profile" Fill out all the mandatory fields - there are a handful of them All of this information is needed Hit Save Go back to Account Click on Account Settings Click on "Settings Area" (it's a grey box) Click on "Change Group" Click on the the boxes of things that you are interested in Save On Desktop Click on your Profile photo in the top right Click on Profile Answer all the required questions Hit save Click back on your profile photo Go to Account Settings Change Groups Click on the boxes of things that you are interested in Save Once you have taken those two actions, send me a PM letting me know you are done and we'll take the next steps. Cheers, Ryan, SwiftKey Community Manager
  6. I have made some changes to this post to make it more clear what this new community is about and how to get involved. SwiftKey VIP 2.0 is the same thing as SwiftKey Insiders - so if you were already a part of SwiftKey VIP 2.0 and participated in projects, then you are already good. I would highly suggested you still go edit your profile and account preferences to make sure we have all the right information for you. Also as mentioned, this level of editing cannot be done with tapatalk. You will need to go on a mobile browser.
  7. I have updated the post with more detailed instructions on what exactly to do and change before sending me a PM. Thanks.
  8. @briankbl, I didn't get a pm. Go edit your profile and fill out all the missing fields. Then send me a pm when you're done with that.
  9. It's the same thing. VIP 2.0 was just the placeholder name. SwiftKey Insiders is the official name. PM coming your way! For anyone else that is interested. Send me PM to get things started.
  10. Hello VIPs, I think this is always a good question to bring up every once in a while. As the app ecosystem grows and new apps hit the market every day. This list is bound to change maybe from week to week. What are your top 5 favorite Android apps and why? I'll go ahead and kick this off. SwiftKey is my favorite and I'm not even saying that because I work here. Whenever I get a new phone I have to download SwiftKey right away. I struggle typing with other keyboards as this is the only one I've used since 2010 or something. Muscle memory and all that. Instagram - I really enjoy looking at all sorts of cool photos and following brands and such. Simple and beautiful Google Maps - something I use almost on a regular basis. It's also a beautiful app and works like a charm (most of the time) Pushbullet - This has become a new favorite of mine. I subscribe to AndroidPolice APK stream and like to jump on that when a new app is released. It's also pretty cool to send things to your phone MightyText - I've been using this for a few years now. It's not 100% perfect but the fact I am able to SMS all day from my computer without having to pick up my phone is rad Well, those are mine. What are yours? Sound off and let's get this discussion going. Cheers, Ryan
  11. VIPs, If you happen to really enjoy Facebook but don't want their app taking a huge portion of your devices memory.. you might be interested in Facebook Light. Read more about it on Androidandme.com Will you check it out...or nah? Cheers, Ryan
  12. So what you are saying is you want an English pack specifically for South Africa? I just want to be 100% clear here.
  13. More battery never hurt anyone, right? =D
  14. I had no idea there was supposed to be a space between the ellipsis and the previous word. I've been using it wrong for years. It looks a bit more natural like "this..." to me personally. We do have an ellipsis key on our secondary layout, but I'm going to assume it does not auto add that space as you suggested. What it does do is not make the next word be in caps.
  15. Hello VIPs, As you know SwiftKey is a keyboard app at it's core, but what does it really represent? The ability for us to communicate with people in a total of 81 different languages. This rears the question, how important is learning a new language or two or three, etc. I remember taking the mandatory classes in high school where I learned almost nothing, sadly. As an international business major it's sad that I only speak US English. I read this interesting article on the Telegraph today that talks about this. "To have another language is to possess a second soul." So said Charlemagne. What are your thoughts on being multi-lingual? If you speak more than one language, what ones are they? Sound off to the community in the comments. Cheers, Ryan
  16. That time and weather widget is smooth!
  17. This bring this thread back to life! Show your home screen! Here is my current home screen. Aviate launcher Nuclear Icon pack A photo I took of a temple in Japan Who's next!
  18. Sorry, I don't know much about this to help. =(
  19. Hi everyone, Apple just had their yearly dev conference. They made some announcements to improve their keyboard and iMessage here is a short list. Emoji prediction Emoji transliteration (replacing words with emoji) Better keyboard switching flow Contextual predictions Are there any you are exited about? Anything you'd like to see SwiftKey add or do better at? Here's a link to a quick video that shows some highlighs Cheers, Ryan
  20. I don't see that happening sadly. I think they have so many invested users in each to remove them would anger people. It's a shame they have fragmented messaging apps. They should see the value of messaging and as you said have one super cool one like Allo. Maybe their hope is to get most people there and start merging them.
  21. The features they added to iMessage are super cool! I can't wait for Allo to come out for Android. I've never had a super cool and rich SMS experience,
  22. Thanks for getting this started. I'm sad I'm just seeing this. I don't know too much about processors and what makes a good one. All I know is I want my phone to be fast, not overheat and would like good battery life. I understand with very heavy use, good battery life is hard to come by. I can only hope a solid middle ground is made somewhere. I think my 6P is too big. I really liked the feel of the Moto X but the Nexus 5X isn't powerful enough and I hear people complaining about it.
  23. This would depend on your SMS app. Normally when in a group chat, when you reply, it goes to everyone. If you want to message a single person, use a new SMS thread.
  24. You can get in touch with anyone from SwiftKey by looking us up in the company directory like you would anyone else. All our devs are in the UK. We have quite a few so not sure who you'd want to seek out specifically. You can also reach out to Yu-Ting or send me a PM with your MS email. Best, Ryan