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  1. Well done for spotting!
  2. Thanks for replying fifield. You can delete individual words by typing enough to get them to come up in the prediction bar, longpressing on the word, and choosing "remove", but if you type the word again it will be re-learned. There's no permanent blacklist.
  3. Thanks! (sorry for the ridiculously slow reply - I've been on holiday!)
  4. Kii

    Ha - yes very good point! Many users also find making an in-app purchase a smoother experience than downloading a new app, which you then have to install/activate. Can I ask why you don't want to do an in-app purchase?
  5. We saw the poll but decided not to post it on here and on our social media because we were interested to see if we would win "organically" - looks like we did!
  6. Cool, thanks for pointing this out for us
  7. Check out our infographic and blog on SwiftKey stats from around the world
  8. Wow, nothing on their Twitter since 25th Feb, that is a long time ago!
  9. It adds on the new info to what it already knows about you.
  10. I can confirm that just copying a track into the ringtones folder works very well! Having more than 15 seconds does make it very tempting just to let the phone ring so I can listen though
  11. So I have to *make* a ringtone, there's no app that lets me just select a song from my music collection as a ringtone?
  12. They'll definitely need some good language technology underneath their layout, as it's a lot more ambiguous than layouts with more buttons. I wonder if they could skew it so that if you tapped near the bottom of the key you were more likely to be intending Z (but still could be Q or A) and if you hit near the top of the key you might be more likely to intend Q (but still could be A or Z).
  13. I have Doubletwist alarm and can set my alarm sound to be any song from my music -- I'm surprised there isn't an equivalent for setting my ringtone (and maybe setting a different ringtone for different people). Any recommendations or suggestions?
  14. https://plus.google.com/+Scobleizer/posts/Bg2Krm32U2r Robert Scoble talks to Ben Medlock (co-founder and Chief Technology Officer) and Joe Braidwood (Chief Marketing Officer)