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Wesley Ku Sherwood

Hey everybody

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2 hours ago, Wesley Ku Sherwood said:

Nice to meet you all. Big fan of swiftkey only keyboard I like to use lol

Hello and welcome,

I'm Alpert, one of the mods in the community.

By first step, thanks for choosing SwiftKey, take some time to read our blog. You can find useful tricks and latest product information there.

I assume you're using an Android device (as you posted in another thread), here's where you can join or create topics. And here is for beta program feedback if you're in.

Oh, one more thing, don't forget to add your device information in your profile. So that we could know more details if you're reporting an issue.


Happy Chinese New Year



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Welcome to the SwiftKey VIP Forums! As @Alpert said above, check out the resources, and feel free to join the beta program if you're not in it already to get access to some of the cutting edge features, early access! Feel free to look around, and check the posts if you have any issues, we have covered a lot of ground here in the few years that I've been a part of the community! Welcome, have a great day, and Happy Typing!


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