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  1. "we should be thankful every day, spend time with our family every day, and appreciate every day. not..." http://t.co/gVesgKQ7

  2. good night twitter, see you all in the morning!

  3. off to the gym with the brosephs! gotta get those mooseklees for lindi and for #sc2. let's go!

  4. bad timing attack there RT @Nitebi: *sigh* I really want to play #SC2 more... But why exams come just when I've found motivation to play?!

  5. gotta take another picture of my wrist again, after this crazy gaming session and a less-than-perfect ergonomic setup, it's bright red #sc2

  6. I was just about to finish installing the printer for you... WHY DID YOU PRESS CANCEL?!?! #techsupportproblems

  7. lulz best AMA ending ever

  8. okay okay, lay off the hate zergies. i'm fine with the game as is, just throwing a retweet out there for discussion #sc2 #mlg

  9. off to bed now, good night twitter!

  10. that hero vs. sheth game is just as amazing, if not more amazing, than losira and mvp g1 #sc2 #mlg #esports

  11. also, back to successfully benching plate at the gym again. light weight. but getting there :D

  12. i have a new wife again! :D RT @shaynalinna: Time to change my look and rock some curls :)http://t.co/qXqJxQcM

  13. the highlight of my work day? lindi firing a mustard-colored fecal rocket into mommy's hair

  14. with that said, lunch time. courtesy of a service similar to lanakila meals on wheels @shaynalinna

  15. no wonder I got a lot of cavities, I love sour candies. almost as bad as eating battery acid http://t.co/160eZbcs