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  1. Finally settled my driving license, after it has expired 5 months ago :P

  2. I wonder how the business users will react if i use the logarithmic scale instead of the normal linear scale for some of the perf charts :P

  3. The work to success is to keep believing until the end. Nancy Morton

  4. RT @arstechnica: Save the world by not giving out unwanted free phone chargers http://t.co/N50dxYDK by @drpizza

  5. I liked a @YouTube video from @huskystarcraft http://t.co/p2OYQaYW HotS - TLO vs WhiteRa - PvZ - Game 1 - Akilon Wastes - StarCraft

  6. Ingreee invite *woot* but the new Google game is too powerful to play on my Android phone *headdesk*

  7. We cannot solve problems at the same level we were at when we created them. Albert Einstein

  8. Sometimes I just want to fling the phone at the wall...

  9. Reading the news, sometimes I wonder why I still call myself a Malaysian.

  10. White House Responds To Death Star Petition: Obama

  11. Never let the fear of striking out Ge in your way Babe Ruth

  12. I think I know the feeling of being married to the job. And no, I don't think I want that for my life.

  13. I liked a @YouTube video from @pianoguys http://t.co/IObuPmkJ Mission Impossible (Piano/Cello/Violin) ft. Lindsey Stirling -

  14. Finishing my fourth book this year.