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  1. Extreme lagging swiftkey beta

    on android 8.1 it takes several key presses before swiftkey displays letters
  2. Just saw all themes free as of now. one word; WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just bought a pack the other day, but this new newz is to exciting to warrant sending in a complaint LOLOLOLOL
  3. ditto on sentiments already expressed. 1/2 of swiftkeys ease of use, for me anyway, is the cloud feature
  4. Saying goodbye

    best of luck and ditto on all the sentiments already posted.
  5. http://www.techrepublic.com/article/how-swiftkey-built-the-worlds-smartest-keyboard/ enjoy!
  6. Android L keyboard

    I thought it interesting that saved dictionaries didnt follow on L, whereas swiftkey stuff goes with you no matter what device or os........or maybe i just didnt load L properly
  7. Will there ever be a SwiftKey for iOS?

    I'm excited for the opportunity swiftkey has with the apple opening..I feel like a swiftkey stakeholder lol... I'm sure they are going to blow it out of the water. For selfish reasons, I can't wait to be able to use swiftkey on the apple products I own
  8. Fleksy

    lol.....ergo just another swiftkey wannAhBeEe
  9. just now saw the changelog. BRAVO swiftkey!!!!!!
  10. can you list a few examples? thanks
  11. well done and thanks for all your help here....very much appreciated
  12. Swiftkey in xkcd

    a worthy url http://xkcd.com/1284/
  13. Will there ever be a SwiftKey for iOS?

    tons of android phone users have ipads, ergo the desire senor demlasjr
  14. Will there ever be a SwiftKey for iOS?

    that would be a nice addition for sure
  15. ditto on the sentiments already expressed!