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  1. Apparently my signature emoji is "poop". I guess because I use it in lieu of a "dislike" button on Facebook.
  2. Hopefully this will mean the onscreen keyboard on Windows tablets will start to suck less. I have a Venue Pro at work, and you really can't use it without the hardware keyboard.
  3. new google keyboard for handwriting

    I've tried it. It works surprisingly well, but it's not really a terribly fast entry method. It does work where SK Flow doesn't, though, so that's something.
  4. Google beefs up App review policy

    While Google Play is highly prominent, it's not the only repository for Android software. There's Amazon, of course, and for FLOSS software, there's F-Droid. In fact, if you're extremely concerned about malicious apps, F-Droid is probably your safest repository choice (though the amount of software on it is rather limited).
  5. SwiftKey keyboard for Windows Mobile....PLEASE!

    Microsoft tablets are pretty big in enterprise contexts, and I wouldn't be surprised if that's enough to keep Windows phone alive. I'm an Android fan myself, but there is definitely a bubble in which Windows mobile is the big thing.
  6. Facebook Light

    I might, depending on the permissions, which are my biggest issue with the standard Facebook app. I currently use Tinfoil for Facebook, which is a wrapper around the web site, mainly just so that I have a share intent for FB. Oh, apparently it's not compatible with my Nexus 7. Never mind.
  7. I am not sure what the difference is -- I haven't paid for the pro version (I agree it's too pricy), and the descriptions on the market do not say. Some comments say it is a time-limited trial, which would suck. It does have some nice touches -- the all-in-one view combines the month and agenda views and gives you feedback on how busy your day is.
  8. AOSP calendar means just the stock Android calendar, @joshg. So, how does Sunrise store its data? Does it use the built-in calendar storage and sync adapters, or does it store your data on their servers? I'm looking at Today Calendar, which is a Material Design update of the stock calendar. Anyone have any experience with it?
  9. I'm using AOSP Calendar with two additional syncing backends - DAVdroid syncs with my OwnCloud instance, and iCalSync gives a read-only view of my Office365 work calendar. The syncing support is a lot more important to me than the user interface.
  10. I trust SwiftKey, but I'm mildly concerned about outside parties gaining access to the data they collect. I'm sure they're using industry best-practices to keep it safe, but these days, that doesn't inspire the confidence. I'd feel better if their cloud storage used client-side encryption, like Firefox Sync does.
  11. Honestly, I'm not a fan. Maybe if I had non-rooted devices and couldn't use TiBu, or more devices than I have, I'd see the trade-off differently, but I don't really like the idea of having statistical data about everything I type stored in the cloud. I don't dislike it enough to stop using SwiftKey, but I consider it an anti-feature.
  12. Rooting/Flashing/Unlocking your device

    Google still hasn't released Lollipop factory images for tilapia (Nexus 7 2012 3g), so I'm waiting for OmniROM to start releasing nightlies from their 5.0 branch.
  13. Rooting/Flashing/Unlocking your device

    The main reasons I need to root are system-wide ad-blocking and TitaniumBackup. Most of the other things I would have needed root for before have been incorporated as user options or have userland alternatives now. I have a Nexus device, so rooting is pretty trivial. I'm currently running a custom ROM (OmniRom), but may go back to stock for Lollipop, depending on how soon the rooting issues get sorted out with it. I do build and maintain a custom kernel for the Nexus 7 2012 that solves some battery issues on the 3G version of the device, so that's a little technical.
  14. Root Applications

    I use Greenify, and only installed Xposed for the purpose of using the Greenify modules that depend on it. Xposed doesn't work with ART, though, and isn't expected to in the future, so it's probably going away. I use TricksterMod for kernel parameter tweaking. AdAway is pretty important. So is Titanium Backup. BetterBatteryStats requires root for some features and being installed as a system app on KK.