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  1. RT @paulocoelho: Suffering occurs when we want other people to love us the way we expect to be loved

  2. Hey God! You have really got a hold over your 'moral of the story' ****, but your plots are just.. meh!!

  3. I feel like a master crafter of words.

  4. RT @shekharkapur: Lessons of Life: This period of sadness u r passing through. Let it really pass through. Like a river tht flows. Dont dam…

  5. Do the slow and steady still win? Or is this another outdated quote?

  6. RT @MKBHD: Retweet and follow @MKBHD and @dbrandSkins to enter to win this skinned HTC One M8! Random winner in 6 hours. Go! http://t.co/K…

  7. RT @prtxt: Movie theatre seats were designed in the era when humans used to have one hand.

  8. RT @doctoratlarge: The secret of being unaffected by people's criticism is to stay unaffected by their praise

  9. Trouble with Forex ? Try Google. via @labnol . http://t.co/WpticDBQPt

  10. RT @paulocoelho: We are governed by 4 invisible forces: love, death, power, and time. Whoever says "money" needs to go back to kindergarten

  11. "Then it occurred to me while trying to fight it Just like a kite, you learn to ride it But I didn't know You're supposed to let it go."