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  1. What's your favorite new feature?

    The problem I've had with slide to delete since the first SK3 beta is that I trigger it accidentally when typing...frequently. I don't like gestures, never use them intentionally, but if I multi-touch right-to-left in the wrong way while typing, it deletes what I'm typing. SK3 is in one of those situations where I don't like several of the changes that were made, and while I could probably live with several of them independently, when they're all put together, they mess me up to the point that I can't use it. As things stand right now, this has become my number one issue with the keyboard. Smart Space should eventually learn that I don't want to space words and since I'm rooted, I can fix most of the performance problems, but there's nothing I can do to fix this. There's a support forum thread about the various issues with the new implementation of gestures. http://support.swiftkey.net/forums/116689-1-swiftkey-ideas-/suggestions/2945190-i-miss-the-gesture-sensitivity-option-removed-from
  2. Customer retention?

    Strange...could be.
  3. Customer retention?

    The forum has it though. Type "mis-hit" into a message here without the hyphen and see what happens. Sent from my SCH-I510 using Tapatalk 2
  4. Customer retention?

    SwiftKey's biggest advantage is the initial training. A.I.Type does really well after a using it a while, but you have to give it time to train since you can't prime it like you can SwiftKey. I'm still a sucker for Smart Keyboard Pro as well just for the personalization options, and that's basically just one guy as far as I can tell. Smart Space would probably come around eventually as it learned how I typed certain words, but I'd really love to be able to adjust (only correct mis-hit spaces, not insert new ones) it or turn off entirely, but last time I tried SwiftKey for any length of time, what was really getting to me more than anything was that I was triggering the swipe to delete gesture pretty frequently. It's beyond irritating, especially when I don't even use gestures. Honestly, I don't think we'll ever get these options (Smart Space off and gestures)...at least until the next major release at minimum. The reason I think that is because I think Smart Space, the new gestures, etc, are all so tightly integrated into the new engine that they can't be separated out. Posts about this stuff from the team, both here and in the support forum, is all about trying to convince people of how great they are. It just feels so much like they made the keyboard they wanted and shipped it without regards to differences styles and preferences...I know the rapid style as I use it was great on X, but it feels second-class on 3...I have to work against the keyboard instead of with it. EDIT: added a hyphen to mis-hit because the vulgarity detection is way, way too sensitive.
  5. Customer retention?

    So you regularly recommend apps to your friends that you don't like over apps that you do? Glad I'm not your friend. When there are other keyboards that offer 90+% as good prediction/correction, and far better customization and personalization, that's what I'm going to recommend. The problem is that SwiftKey is so old (by the Android world) and ubiquitous, that the startups that are just as good or better don't get used because they can't get their names over the noise. I really gotta call BS on SwiftKey's insistence that it is so hard to add options when you look at it objectively. There are many other keyboard apps out that have many, many, many more features. Most of these keyboards have a much smaller team of people working on them than SwiftKey has. Some of them only have a single person. Yet, they are able to implement the customization features we've been asking for, and they are able to implement them in a stable and user-friendly way. I am a software developer. I know what it's like to develop test plans, and I do it for external customers, and while I don't know what it's like to develop a keyboard app, I can see what keyboards like A.I.Type and Smart Keyboard Pro have done with small teams and wonder why SwiftKey struggles even with retaining an old feature that was asked for repeatedly in beta (gesture sensitivity). I like SwiftKey, but it has been left behind to a point I can no longer use or recommend it.
  6. Reading blogs on your phone - what do you use?

    I use Google Reader, but I can't speak to its offline capabilites. I'm not sure if it even has offline support. Sent from my GT-P1010 using Tapatalk 2
  7. Customer retention?

    I don't dislike every change. I like the new themes. I like the new punctuation system. I don't like that they took away gesture options...I always turned them off because type fast enough to trigger them just by typing on some words. I absolutely hate, hate, hate Smart Space. It does not fit into my typing style at all. It actively works against my typing style and slows me down. That's not supposed to be the purpose of this keyboard. If I could have SwiftKey 3 with no Smart Space, I'd be perfectly content. If I could have that and get the gesture options back, I'd be completely happy. Without the option for turning off Smart Space though, SwiftKey 3 is a major step backward for me.
  8. Customer retention?

    You know, I don't want my money back either. I do want the keyboard that I paid for back though, because this isn't it.
  9. Swype

    I just downloaded the new version and tried it out a bit. It has certainly come a long way. Much nicer to use that it used it be, even tap-typing. However, and this is big, the lag is horrific on my phone. Worse than any SK3 beta, mainly because it is persistent. I didn't type that it didn't lag.
  10. Jelly Bean stock kb

    This is a fantastic reason for me to get a Jelly Bean device ASAP.
  11. Prediction Better on another keyboard...

    SwiftKey *was* the board in the SwiftKey X version. They ruined it in the new version.
  12. Customer retention?

    This is something that I used to say all the time, but now you've taken away an option that I used (disable gestures) and added an offensively intrusive feature that I hate (Smart Space). Since SwiftKey 3 beta 2, I've aimed people away from it and toward other keyboards, because I saw the direction SwiftKey was heading and I didn't like it. Some of the final decisions were baffling. With Smart Space in particular, it's almost like you went out of your way to pick the compromise that made the least number of people happy. Smart Space lovers didn't like the final iteration because it didn't work aggressively enough for them, and Smart Space haters didn't like the final iteration because it was still there and couldn't be turned off. I still want to love this keyboard and it would be easy to love it again. What I really want is the SwiftKey X prediction engine with the SwiftKey 3 layout enhancements. That would be my perfect keyboard, but just letting me turn off the Smart Space will have me using and recommending the keyboard again.
  13. Prediction Better on another keyboard...

    One option that I really like in A.I.type so far is the notification of a correction. No more guess or looking back to see if something corrected...an alert the moment you hit the space bar lets you know and you can glance at the word to make sure you aren't about to look foolish when you hit send.
  14. Customer retention?

    I've always wished I could turn off space after punctuation in SwiftKey. And that's what I'm talking about....we need more options, not fewer.
  15. Prediction Better on another keyboard...

    So far, so good. Used it for a few days now and I like it. This one is solidly in the buy category unless SwiftKey miracles up a way to turn on Smart Space in the next couple of weeks.