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  1. I posted a new photo to Facebook http://t.co/55HT4XFL2R

  2. I just activated my subscription to Diabetes Mine - Subscribe now: http://t.co/9Uj8tYPKYv

  3. I just used The Swizzle to clean out my inbox. Your should try it too! https://t.co/nCFm4m6Cef

  4. Right now, I'm using http://t.co/2y562NbGLS to browse my timeline on Twitter. Good experience!

  5. How Do You Know When You're Overdosing On Social Networks? http://t.co/nwljpMZKN7 via @makeuseof

  6. Journalists' walkout disrupts BBC http://t.co/7ENp7gn via @IrishTimes

  7. Opera Abandons Proprietary Engine, Opts For WebKit And Chromium http://t.co/gXXnMy5

  8. My total profile views today: Male Viewers: 12 Female Viewers: 29 See your total views and who is viewing you... http://t.co/XYgtSmY

  9. My total profile views today: Male Viewers: 43 Female Viewers: 12 See your total views and who is viewing... http://t.co/PgCeQce

  10. Your Irish Weather Network forecast is ready http://t.co/jsbiYPR