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This community has now become "SwiftKey Insiders" - built around SwiftKey users who want to help shape the future of SwiftKey products from the ground up. 


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Note: this community is only available for SwiftKey for Android at this time

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  1. Knowing Sufjan Stevens is having a Christmas show and that it's sold out makes me the saddest boy

  2. I was interested in Zero Dark Thirty until I found out @MarkDuplass was going to be in it. Now I'm going to excited as ****.

  3. When I'm drunk I turn into Jude Law.

  4. Luis Moreno Ocampo is a real life badass. Look him up.

  5. I am going to regret destroying my leg at the rec with every step I take today

  6. I wonder what Juno is doing right now. Probably thinking about me. http://t.co/RnWbuUCl