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  1. No one told me what I'd be getting into when I watched S1E1 of Scandal a few days ago. Now here I am S3E3 screaming at my laptop.

  2. First time I've missed a fishing tourney in Animal Crossing New Leaf since I bought the game. Just wasn't up for it yesterday. ????

  3. RT @NASA: Crab Nebula - A composite view of an iconic supernova remnant in our Milky Way galaxy.

  4. RT @jasonhowell: Seriously, tonight is not the night to realize I have no good bourbon in the house. I have failed myself.

  5. I refuse to say anything "objectionable".

  6. I wonder who put up the TPS cover letter so I can high5 them. It's nice knowing someone else here feels this place turned into office space.

  7. Adam Sessler is going to be on triangulation today! @Electro_Soma

  8. Officially decided to transition. I may only make it a few months before doing the big chop. This is gonna be a scary ride, hah.

  9. Apparently some of my coworkers were so upset about the new health care that they walked out of the seminar thing!

  10. I just watched someone fall into a pit thing in Animal Crossing New Leaf, I laughed so hard I snorted.

  11. Getting a Chromecast has kicked up my Nexus 7 usage like 90%.

  12. Looks like mushroom season is over in #ACNL

  13. I trucked through that the same way I did for Battlestar Galactica and Bleach.

  14. They got my boy Renfield I AM PISSED.