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  1. That didn't take long - Google Maps Back on iPhones http://t.co/lY3NUvqx

  2. Ad a side note I've come to the conclusion I need another pc so I can install Linux on it to tinker with.

  3. I'm now ranked Experienced (top 60%) in Portal 2 on Raptr! http://t.co/z3Hyze2N

  4. #thatfeel when your on your lunch break and someone let's you go before them in line at the checkout. My faith in humanity restored
  5. Crazy how today we go about our lives most of us forgetting what happened this day 71 years ago at 07:53. #NeverForget #PearlHarbor

  6. Who has two thumbs and is installing exchange server 2010

  7. Hacker finds John McAfee via phone Washington Post http://t.co/EiEIa6Hh

  8. To whom ever thought cake balls would be a good idea, #thankyou

  9. Don't know why I'm so tired lately wishing I had more time in the day to do more

  10. Seriously it is not Christmas season yet cut this sh!t out. Let's get through Thanksgiving before we start throwing out Christmas trees

  11. Dinner with my grandma after helping her with some errands today. Helpful grandson I am.

  12. You know I wonder how much money would or could be raised if all the political ads were better spent on social services

  13. Not quite sure but being an exchange server Admin sounds like torture #donotwant

  14. Think before you do ring any bells? RT @BoingBoing: 10-year-old boy tasered for refusing to clean police officer's car http://t.co/fCR7txJj

  15. I wish I could take like a month off from my main responsibilities so I could take some time to work on some projects.