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  1. Swiftkey on Samsung Galaxy S4

    I still put the beta on my wife's phone though.. And Charlie - I've got so accustomed to using the keyboard on my phone and tablet, and occasionally with my physical keyboard using Swiftkey on my tablet that I regularly expect the computer to correct my words and suggest the next one..
  2. Minuum keyboard

    Power bills, computers, phones, not to mention food and other sustenance... All consumed during the process of app development.. They're all free? Granted I'm happy with SK and not interested in paying for other keyboards.. But really.. Apps aren't free to develop.. And not everyone has the resource to fund it in advance themselves.. Hence the growth of crowd funding..
  3. SwiftKey 4 on tablet is horrid for me... Tried to lodge a bug report and am limited by this ridiculous voting system.. Votes for ideas, sure.. Votes for bug reports? Dumb.. Next tablet update when?
  4. swiftkey flow

    Betas should be improving with each iteration though, and I'm not sure that's been everyone's experience with the last release.. My previously locked post - I experienced many of the same bugs yesterday.. On my phone.. I also had Sk flow crash on me a few times too
  5. swiftkey flow

    Perhaps explains some of bugs.. If things were rushed to included..
  6. swiftkey flow

    When I download the new beta it says it's only version .75... Is this right?
  7. I thought the green and white more than the pink.. unfortunately an update to Flow wouldn't come before Christmas..
  8. uh.. duh.. .found it, thanks!
  9. hehe Charlie - I'd've been really impressed.. But hey, at any rate, it's the red theme I'd wanted.. I'll just have to go back to tap typing in the mean time.. (still saving thousands upon thousands of keystrokes though! )
  10. If it was to be out before Christmas, I'd say green to get really festive.. But... Other than that, I'd probably suggest white or pinkish..
  11. You've got me TORN!!! I'm actually really liking Flow.. BUT.. I've wanted a red theme for ages.. I've downloaded the update.. but.. but.. ugh!! Can you make some sort of update available for the beta?