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  1. Fave themes?

    Thx found it
  2. Fave themes?

    I've been looking for through the theme store in both beta and appstore version and for the love of God I don't see a theme called Carbon. Could someone post a Screenshot of the so called carbon theme cause I don't see it
  3. Nope, really don't need a watch on my wrist. Why would I? My phone is just in my pocket. Besides don't know what apple is thinking. It's butt ugly. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  4. I just unlocked a premium theme for my keyboard @Fleksy for Android- Try it free at http://t.co/iawyDtaRcL http://t.co/uIPvyCbSOl

  5. Touchscreen typing revolutionized by Fleksy. Experience it for yourself. http://t.co/0TFn6wxRk4

  6. I've just reached 197 meters in #BananaKong. Download it from the @AppStore and try to beat me! http://t.co/voQCDIimIu

  7. swiftkey flow

    That's your opinion, Swype has only gone down hill and is not very good anymore after they were sold. Swype don't give a rat's ass anymore what the users want. I can only see positive things coming out of swift key making this keyboard the way it's ment to be with prediction like no other keyboard Sendt fra min GT-I9300 med Tapatalk2
  8. Fun, simple way to share your files. Upload images, music, videos and docs. Get up to 50 GB account Free! Sign up here: http://t.co/41vcVlVl