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This community has now become "SwiftKey Insiders" - built around SwiftKey users who want to help shape the future of SwiftKey products from the ground up. 


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  1. swiftkey flow

    We’ll be releasing a beta of SwiftKey Flow soon. As always, our VIP community will be the first to get their hands on it. To register your interest, give us your email address here. Or register as a SwiftKey VIP right now. There's no mixing words there. Again, it's the principle of holding to your word. And, let's not be daft. You can give, and they will read, feedback given through any other social media outlet - Twitter, Facebook, Google+. Especially being that it was a public release, not all,not even a near majority, of feedback will come through this forum.
  2. swiftkey flow

    Not kidding one bit. It's about the principle and ethics. If you promise something to someone, regardless of their investment in what you are offering, then do something else, it's unethical. Perhaps a person's word doesn't mean much to some here, but I still believe is saying what you mean and doing what you say you will.
  3. swiftkey flow

    It's here, which is great. But they totally lied that being a VIP would be anything special. The beta is available to the public, no registration required. http://www.swiftkey.net/flow/ Nice job, SK. That's a douche move.
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