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  1. Mind = blown RT @MikeWehner Oh ****... this is true http://t.co/e7OYtdH2

  2. Man, what a party yesterday... Happy New Year to everyone :)

  3. I lol'd hard.. Lmfao RT @OffensivePoems Mario is red, Luigi is green. They both raped Peach when she was a teen.

  4. Why I want a WP8? Simplicity all around and outstanding battery life. And it's beautiful.

  5. On another note to all the techies: Brace yourselves - CES is coming... In two weeks!

  6. End of 2012, no release of Carbon in sight, and not a single twitter client could pull me away from @falcon_android right now.

  7. Did a full wipe (system and whole internal mem) today. Hopefully the sudden freezes since I was on Jellybam are gone now...

  8. And to be honest: My S2 is running superbly with CM10.1, so there's not much need for a new device right now. Let's wait.

  9. Preordering the Nexus 4 at Media Markt would cost 395

  10. Maybe I'm going to Mediamarkt soon und preorder a Nexus 4. Hopefully they'll get new stock earlier than the Google Play Store...

  11. I wonder when the Nexus 4 will be in stock again in Germany...

  12. Sorry for the giveaway retweet spam, guys, but I just want to make sure I maybe win something on these Christmas'y competitions :P

  13. Merry Christmas to all of you guys! :)

  14. I mean, where else do you get free sat navigation from the manufacturer, which for me is really important in my daily life routines...