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  1. I have number of email accounts that I use for different purposes but they are all forwarded to my Gmail account. It works the best on Android imo.
  2. Congratulations on the sale, I hope things are not changed too much once Microsoft gets their fingers on it. I l love Swiftkey as it is, time will tell.
  3. Best email app?

    GMail, links between my mobiles, tablet and computers. Safe and secure, never had any problems with it.
  4. Favorite theme on SwiftKey

    I stick with the dark themes, Material Dark as an example. I don't like the colored ones or those with busy backgrounds, too confusing. Guess I am just boring!
  5. What does your Tap Map look like?

    I never realized how far out my key hits were until I checked. That is awful!! **Must tap higher**
  6. What is your favorite version of Android?

    I have 5.0 on my S5 and 5.0.2 on my S6 Edge. I certainly prefer both over any of the previous versions, I had a play with my Samsung Tab 7 yesterday and it was horrible (v.4.4.*).
  7. How many beta apps are you using?

    I have just added the Twitter beta so up to 3 now. @jiveturkee Wow, how do you keep up with them all?
  8. Favorite twitter app?

    I use the stock Twitter app, simple to use and reliable. I may have a look at the Google Groups beta for something else "to play with".
  9. How many beta apps are you using?

    Only SwiftKey. Edit: Oops I forgot Evernote, so 2.
  10. I have Apex Launcher Pro on my S5 and the default Touch Wiz on my S6 although I will be also using Apex on my S6 when I get round to setting it up. Touch Wiz has been improved tremendously for the S6, works well and the colors have been toned down but I guess it is what you become used to - hence the change.
  11. I use the favorites list on my LastPass browser to access the half dozen forums I want to see on my mobile, anything else, which is the majority of stuff, is done from my desktop.
  12. I voted a while back, but to answer via a post I either use my desktop or mobile. Never used TapaTalk, I really don't see the advantage.
  13. Hi all, Goodness I have been a member here for almost two years and hardly posted at all. I joined when I first had a Samsung Galaxy S3, wouldn't have been before that as I had a Blackberry 8520 which of course has a physical keyboard, and was curious about using SwiftKey. It obviously worked well as I had no need to sort out any problems, I have used SK through to an S5 and onto my present S6 Edge. I am here to keep an eye on what is happening with SK both here and on the blog. You are doing a great job guys and have a fun Innovation Week.
  14. I am reasonably switched on with tech and am always careful with downloads and links etc. But, I would rather give up a bit of performance and battery life (I am not a power user so I have no problems lasting at least a day) for that extra bit of insurance.
  15. These are the first 5 apps I installed - 1. SwiftKey of course! 2. GMail. Gotta keep in touch wherever I am. 3. Google Maps. It is said guys don't ask for directions, no need with this app. 4. Evernote. Keep an eye on what I am supposed to be doing. 5. Antivirus. Got Avast at the moment on this S6, my SGS5 has Bitdefender There are lots of other Apps but those are my top ones - at the moment.