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  1. I've been away for a short while, and what a disappointment to come back and find this announcement! I've loved the SK Beta forums. Mixing beta issues in with the regular SK issues sounds like a recipe for disaster. Lots of confusion, and a lot of irrelevant stuff to go through. Well, perhaps I'll be wrong about this. It's been known to happen. Anyway, thanks to the moderators and to all the participants who made the Beta forum so helpful.
  2. Many thanks, Prad, for all your help with this!
  3. Well, I've now been using flow for a couple of weeks, and I'm astonished to find that I love it! I can't believe that I almost didn't participate in this testing because I didn't want to try to use flow. Many thanks, Prad, for your encouragement! (Ironically, your telling me I didn't have to use it if I really didn't want to gave me the freedom to try it. No, I never said I was sane. ) I'm writing now mostly to ask what the most efficient way is to provide feedback (not feedback here at the forum, but automatic feedback on my device). Should I just wipe out the wrong word(s) each time and try again? I often have problems with words that begin with tr. I often can't get even the r to appear after the t. Instead, I get some kind of foreign-looking t. I kept practicing, using the word "trope." I got tropecientos, then trooped, then type. Instead of erasing these, I left them and TYPED trope a couple of times. The I tried flowing the word, and it worked. So I thought I was onto something, but no, the next few times it went back to giving me words like triple instead of trope. One more question: is SwiftKey programmed to avoid off-color words like hell and ****? I flowed "what the hell," but it kept coming out as "what the he'll." And then I tried a sentence with "****," and I got skit and shiv but not ****. [Ah, how interesting, the forum has apparently turned my four-letter word starting with s and ending with t into four asterisks. But it didn't object to hell.] ADDED NOTE: I went back and tried to write a sentence that I know I can't type here. It came out "Oh sit, I am trying to write go to he'll and go Duck yourself."
  4. Just a bit more feedback. I tried to post a messge on another forum using the Testing keyboard. I had a hard time getting the cursor to be where I wanted it, and trying to type was frustrating. (Added to my frustration was that I wanted to use less-than and greater-than signs, something I use a lot, and I hated having to go back and forth from the main keyboard to the 3rd keyboard, which I can only get to via the number keyboard.) I finally bailed out, switched to the SK Beta keyboard, and tried again (since I wasn't sure whether the problem was with the Testing keyboard or with the site). The SK Beta worked considerably more smoothly. BTW, when I came to this forum to offer this feedback, I looked at the last message I had posted, where I couldn't get the Enter key to move to the next line. I saw a LOT of white space after the end of my message, and my guess is that the Enter key DID communicate a move-to-the-next-line each time I pressed it, but the cursor never visibly moved. I bet all that white space at the end of the messge is the result of my continually hitting the Enter key with no apparent success. One question: I recall being told that there was an update to the Testing keyboard that I would get after I had installed the app. The version I have is apparently Is that the most recent? I ask because I don't recall getting an update.
  5. Hi, Prad. I'm sending this message to see whether the Enter key now works as it should. So far everything is going well. Believe it or not, I have been using flow go write thirds. Oops, I was going great for a while, but "go write thirds" was supposed to be "to write this." Still, considering that until yesterday I had never even tried flow, I am pretty impressed. Aha! I just used the Enter key to move down one line, and it worked fine. (Hmm... I just tried to insert an emoji, but all I see is a little gray square. And I had to switch from flow, because I tried seven times to flow the word "gray," but three times all I got was a hyphen (-) while the other four times SwiftKey wrote "crazy" instead of "gray.") And now the Enter key no longer works! I keep trying to use it, but the cursor refuses to budge. Well, I hope some of this feedback turns out to be helpful. Two more things: when I tried to post this, I was told emojis are not acceptable characters. I had to remove it. I had the same experience yesterday. Also, altho the Enter key still doesn't work, after I removed the emoji, the Enter key now jumps for a fraction of a second to the next line but immediately jumps back.
  6. Thanks yet again, Prad/Ryan, for your helpful replies. I didn't uninstall and reinstall, but I did try again to go through all the steps, and this time I got the trophy at the end. So I guess I'm finally installed. [Applause] I'm not sure what's causing the problem with the return key, nor what to look for in settings. I'll see whether it continues or whether it's a momentary glitch, since the return key works fine on other messages and documents. The only problem I encountered was when I was trying to post to this forum. (Right now I'm sending this from my desktop, and thus I'm not using SwiftKey.) I'll let you know if the problem continues.
  7. Hi Prad. (SK just tried to change your name to Prada). (Oops, I just inserted an emoji, but now all I see is a gray square.) I'm writing to offer another update. After reading your most recent message, I succeeded in getting the ñ key onto the keyboard. I also signed into my Gmail account. I was then told I had installed the SK typing experience keyboard. However, when I started to write this message to you, I was again told I had to finish the install process. I have no idea what else I need to do. Also, I gave a try to using flow. Not surprisingly, the results were mixed, but on the whole I was impressed. (But not impressed enough to try to use it for this message.) Hmm... I wanted to start a new paragraph, but the key to go to a new line refused to work. I just tried again with the same result. I am not sure what's wrong. Oops, I have just been told there's a new response from you, but I think I will send this off first. I don't know whether I should write to you privately about all this or via the forum. I chose the forum in case my issues may be useful to others.
  8. Well, things have changed a bit since I posted the above message. The good news is that I now get suggestions. The bad news is that the separate number row has disappeared. And, of course, I still don't have ready access to all the symbols such as ~, <, >, %, etc. I also no longer have the separate ñ key that I was so happy to discover and that I use a LOT. I hope there's just some silly step that I'm overlooking that will enable me to be able to change the keyboard to be more like what I'm used to. If I have to use the keyboard as it currently is, I think I should probably stop using this keyboard, since the information it will get will not be an accurate indication of how I use SwiftKey. Please let me know what you think.
  9. Prad, I've been trying to use the special typing experiment keyboard. I downloaded it from the Play Store, but I can't seem to get it to work. For example, there are no suggestions, and no apparent way to get to settings. At one point, I was asked to log in to my Gmail account, but I don't want to give any keyboard access to all my messages. I will use the keyboard to write messages, but not to have it able to read every message I've written in Gmail. If I have to give it access, I will have to reconsider participating in this experiment. Assuming I don't have to give it that kind of access, how do I get it to offer suggestions? Also, the keyboard arrangement currently does have the number row, but it doesn't have all the extra symbols that appeared on the primary keyboard as soon as I added the number row. These extra symbols replaced the no-longer-needed numbers that were accessed through long pressing on letter keys. I use a lot of these symbols frequently, and I loved no longer having to switch to the number keyboard or the third keyboard to get to them. Again, if I can't have all the symbols on the main keyboard, then it probably makes no sense for me to participate, since I wouldn't be using the keyboard in the way I normally would. I've attached a screenshot of the way the typing experiment keyboard currently looks. Please let me know if this is what it should look like. Many thanks.
  10. Many thanks, Prad, for your helpful reply. I think I'll give this special version of SwiftKey a try. And perhaps even go with the FLOW.
  11. I ignored this thread at first because I never use flow and wasn't really eager to mess with it. In addition, I was reluctant to give up the clipboard, which I gather is only on the Beta version and thus won't be in this testing version. But I began to wonder whether the very fact that I've never used flow might provide some interesting feedback if I gave it a try. Are there instructions somewhere for how to use it? And am I right that the clipboard isn't included? And are you still looking for people to try it out, or do you have enought already?
  12. I fear this is all too true. I'm a passionate fan of SwiftKey and am deeply distrustful of and disappointed by Microsoft. So congrats to the founders, and condolences to the rest of us.
  13. ovejanegra

    Fave themes?

    Damien, are the "themes with the current Beta" different from the themes available to the regular SwiftKey? If so, I wasn't aware of that. Unlike a number of other SwiftKey users, I don't pay a lot of attention to themes. When I started to use SwiftKey (a while ago), I tried out a bunch of themes and selected several that I've used ever since. What I looked for were themes where both the letters and the secondary characters were very clear. Also, I immediately rejected any theme that didn't show the secondary characters on the main keyboard. I'm currently using Dusk on my regular SwiftKey and Sky on the Beta. Before Sky, I used Regal. I have also tried Ice, but though I found the keyboard attractive, I found the cutesy snowflakes that pop up with each key press to be distracting.
  14. ovejanegra

    Saying goodbye

    Evan, I've been traveling for several weeks and haven't been reading the forum, so I only now found out that you'll be leaving. You've been a tremendous asset on this forum, and you'll definitely be missed. Best of luck in whatever you choose to do next.
  15. I've been using SwiftKey (currently version on my Nexus 7 (2013) tablet for 11 months, and I LOVE it! It's one of my two favorite apps. I especially appreciate the fact that I can use all the "foreign" characters such as ñ, é, ç, ¿, ü, etc. without leaving the main keyboard. They're all there! I also love the fact that SwiftKey can make suggestions in more than one language (in my case, English and Spanish), and the suggestions are amazingly good. I've also been very impressed with this forum and the responsiveness of SwiftKey personnel to users' comments (for example, adding a number row option). In short, I'm a very, very happy SwiftKey user.