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  1. I do not feel GIF is a feature so critical for a keyboard. SwiftKey Is a language and typing specialist and it should focus on improving some missing feature. Like redo, undo, in built translation. Gif is good, but not so critical. Ofcourse, this pertains to my personal preferences, if majority feels gif is needed, of course it should be taken up Sent from my LG-H818 using Tapatalk
  2. Kii

    Kii has few great advantage like 1. Different key board format 2. Short cut, which works pretty well. Like you define "K" as okay, and when you type K AND spare bar, it okay is entered. 3. Lots of cudtomisation 4. Color emoji, they use plug in for emoji, but as a endured, should I bother how they render emoji, so far it works 5. Emoji input is way fast, you slide finger to chose moment you remove finger, you letter pad returns automatically. That is very cool 6. Wish their prediction are as good as SwiftKey, but they are improving, but still no match for SwiftKey. I use kii extensively in situation, where SwiftKey lacks feature, for regular use, SwiftKey is good enough Sent from my GT-N7000 using Tapatalk