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  1. Thank you so much, SwiftKey! All themes free now. Beautiful.
  2. Hi @Prad ! Please add Blogs in this menu SwiftKey Blogs missing.
  3. 1. SwiftKey 2. SwiftKey 3. SwiftKey 4. SwiftKey 5. SwiftKey 😁
  4. Show your home screen!

    I love MIUI. Xiaomi mi4c
  5. What Launcher App Are you Using for Android?

    Now i don't use any custom launcher. I have xiaomi mi4c and i love his inbuilt launcher.
  6. Facebook Light

    Facebook Lite is more performant. Just test it.
  7. Ohhhh, bad news. Microsoft will ruin Swiftkey. I should try to get accustomed with another keyboard Good Bye, SwiftKey, my lovely keyboard.
  8. Show your home screen!

    My lollipoped G2, i love it
  9. Do you remember your first installed app?

    Facebook, ofcourse :D looool
  10. Do you remember what your first phone was?

    OMG... so beauty this phone.
  11. Do you remember what your first phone was?

    Great phone was Nokia 2110. Thank you for your post in this thread, seems to be empty here on Free Discutions. All people posting only issues, prblems, bug. The world becomed crazy, people forgot to relax, everyone run for....nothing.
  12. Artificial Intelligence

    I wish to use Swiftkey + Phorm in the near future Introducing Phorm, the world's first morphing touchscreen.: http://youtu.be/gGA5ypnhMTg
  13. Facebook Light

    Can be used anywhere in the world. Just download and install http://www.apkmirror.com/apk/facebook-2/lite/facebook-lite-1-4-0-6-14-apk/
  14. Facebook Light

    Thank you! I installed it in my 2 devices, LG G2 and Galaxy S4. For start working great and consuming very little RAM, arround 25 MB RAM.