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  1. Your colleague Alpert referred me to you about this issue. Neither of the solutions offered on the forum worked unfortunately; Swiftkey app is not on my SD Card and despite a "force stop" on the Samsung app it still defaults to it 


  2. As do I; but for now, it is for the better of research. All hail the research!
  3. I find myself having a better time replying to personal messages because they're singled out a little more easily. So if there's anything you need (any time at all), just shoot me a message and I'll get back to you within the day. (I feel like this should go somewhere in my signature, haha!)
  4. Samsung Galaxy DPI Scaling

    Not really a hack or mod, per se, but recently it was discovered that Samsung has a hidden setting available in the latest flagships. Full coverage can be found here: http://www.androidauthority.com/samsung-galaxy-s7-dpi-scaling-setting-680736/ While the story above covers the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, I've been able to locate the exact application mentioned on my S6 Edge, and am now under the assumption that this is available in all Marshmallow updates for Samsung devices. Of course, I can't confirm this without some help, but hey—it's a pretty cool setting that'll allow you to fit more on your screen (especially for something as large as the Note 5 or S7 Edge)! Right now, there are only two options: Standard, which is set by default and shows items in 640 DPI, and "Compact," which shows items in 540 DPI. Who knows if Samsung will eventually migrate this to the Developer Options section or even the Display section, but so far everything seems to be working just fine! To get into the setting, you'll need to have a 3rd party Launcher, such as Nova (which we'll be using in this example), so you can create an Activity shortcut. 1. Launch Nova Launcher, long-press the home screen, tap Widgets and drag Activities (in the Nova Launcher widgets) to your home screen. 2. This will bring up a menu. Scroll down to Settings, expand the list and tap .DisplayScalingActivity which will place an icon on your home screen. 3. Tap the icon and you’ll see the DPI scaling menu in typical Samsung form. Selecting between Standard and Condensed will show a preview in the app list below and as soon as you tap Done you’ll be prompted to reboot, after which the setting will have taken root. 4. You’ll have to reboot your phone, but the change will persist through further reboots or even Android updates. Here's a comparison of Standard and Compact (respectively) in the Play Store, when searching with SwiftKey: As you can see: the text has gotten smaller, along with even SwiftKey! The status bar is smaller, too! I think everything gets a little...crispier! I've noticed that setting the text in your Display settings one notch higher changes the size back to about where it was, so you don't have to squint your eyes as much just to read, but everything else will remain smaller. You should definitely check it out when you get the chance!
  5. Keyboard Sounds

    Thanks for the suggestion, Dreamkeeper63. I've passed it along to my higher-ups. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to disclose if/when this will be implemented, but seeing as so many users have reached out to us about this since changing it, I hope they're cooking something up! Hang in there!
  6. Thanks for the quote, novikova. Please follow the instructions here to sign up for, and download, SwiftKey Beta.
  7. Your thoughts on Hangouts 4.0 leak

    I thought quick actions through notifications/pop-ups was supposed to be a Lollipop feature? How come Hangouts, as well as a few other apps, don't use it yet? It's been almost a year... :/
  8. How many beta apps are you using?

    Let's see... 9 apps here: SwiftKeyFacebookNova LauncherSmart LauncherTapatalkHoundSnapchat(Hexy Launcher)(Clarity Keyboard)
  9. What would you like to share from your keyboard?

    At least just the recently added photos would be nice. However, the only main thing I see this being useful for would be emails, as most other apps don't incorporate photos alongside text.
  10. Your thoughts on Hangouts 4.0 leak

    Can't wait to have it! Not as "refined" as how I would have preferred to have it, but it's a good enough step in the right direction to fit in a little better with the rest of Google's Lollipop-styled apps (about time, lol).
  11. Show your home screen!

    My current screen. We won't go into details of my widget screens, haha! Smart Launcher Pro. Apps, 12 o'clock, clockwise: Stock Camera, Games, Google, Stock Messenger, Chrome, Stock Dialer, Calculator, Play Music. Wallpaper courtesy of Tapet - Infinite Wallpapers (Play Store Link).
  12. What Launcher App Are you Using for Android?

    Oop! I seem to have stumbled along and found Smart Launcher 3. Bought the Pro version just because, and I'm starting to enjoy it for the time being. (Just needs a few kinks worked out for my GS6 Edge, and it'll be pretty well worth it!)
  13. What would you like to share from your keyboard?

    Clipboard items (yeah; we've all submitted/seen that one before), custom shortcuts/ common phrases, also phone numbers and email addresses (in agreeance with Sarge), recent camera photos, links. Hmm...anything else?
  14. Hey! We can't leave this empty for too long, Brandon!

  15. When I lost my Galaxy S4 (as I'm sure most of you have heard about multiple times already), a friend let me borrow his iPhone 5S whilst he upgraded to the iPhone 6. While it was fun to play with, and follow SwiftKey along its journey into the Apple Sea, I missed my Android family dearly. Now I'm back with the GS6 Edge, and am appreciating every moment I have. Would it be nice to have a tag-along iDevice to use when it comes to testing out apps? Yes, but I wouldn't much use it as my daily driver. I'm, as you would say, "hooked on Android." Hah! (High fives to those that got the reference.)