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  1. Incognito mode more clicks now

    Hi, Please post your topic to support forum. Current forum is for VIP program only. Thank you Alpert
  2. Clipboard Backup

    Hi, Please notice 2 things: SwiftKey does not support 3rd party ROM. In other words, if SwiftKey has problem on a customized ROM, then unfortunately we're unable to help. Clipboard content is not available for backup. If you want this feature please head to our support forum and visit this post. Current forum is only for VIP program. I'm sorry to tell you that I need to close your thread. Thanks Alpert
  3. Multiple language mishaps

    Hi, Please notice this forum is not for bug report or submitting feature request. Only VIP topics are allowed here. Here I'll give you the answer considering you posted for the first time: SwiftKey supports multilingual input by default and as a primary feature. It cannot be turned off. If you want to ask further questions, please visit our support forum: https://support.swiftkey.com/hc/en-us Current thread is locked. Thank you for your understanding Alpert
  4. Well done! Should be an insider soon. Good luck!
  5. Hi, I suggest you to do it on mobile browser (Chrome, for example), or on a desktop. I doubt Tapatalk supports deep settings like these. Best Alpert
  6. Hi Alpert, 


    I realise that the thread I was posting on was about loss of words rather than prediction quality. So thought I'd send you a pm to better describe my issue. 


    With my wiped SwiftKey (not beta) install and without logging into my account so that I can start with a clean language model. I noticed that some of my existing words were already in the model (perhaps reading from the beta app?). The issues faced were the same, inconsistent caps of words (even as I type this, I am capturing some inconsistencies). 


    Here are the screenshots:





    1. Jiraffe7


      Do note that I have caps at the start of sentences turned off. 


      Additional screenshot with the issue as I was typing this post:


  7. Have you tried to delete "Hi" and "Park" from the predictions? So next time when you type "h" key and "I" key, there would be "hi", tap on that. Same method for "park". I think this might help you.
  8. Understood. Can you give us some examples (screen shot, videos) of this kind of issue happens? And more details like : does it happen in a specific app or overall experience? During daily use, what percentage would you give for the chance you run into this issue?
  9. First letter of the first word in a sentence to be cap is the grammar rule. In my experience the grammar rule overwrites the word form. Because both prediction of cap and not cap exists in SwiftKey, the rules make the cap one in the front of sentence. And yes, if you want to have non cap word in the beginning of a sentence, you will need to tap on the shift to switch because this is not a normal use or a correct form. It's the same idea that you won't see SwiftKey cap a word automatically in the middle of the sentence. Because it's not the right grammar. SwiftKey aims to fast daily communication typing, regular stuff, so to follow the regular rules is easy and fast, more importantly is most people got used to and understand how they work. If you need something more specific, more professional, more personal use, you'll need a fully customizable keyboard to adjust everything. The plural issue, I just replied in your thread. Please check.
  10. Thanks Ryan. As I always use Chrome to browse the forum, there won't be difficulties for me to switch. But I do see some webpage compatibility issues of the new community. Hope it could be better. Glad that I can help this great app and service! Applause for all MOD members! And thanks for the great support from all VIPs ! Alpert
  11. Happy Lunar New Year !


  12. I don't use gif, Android support is poor...GIFs are really fuzzy, not clear, and not smooth. Better to introduce it later. And at the same time, it'll depend on the app (facebook, hangouts, wechat...) itself support gif or not. One step further : support 3rd party gif or not. It's not just a keyboard thing.
  13. If I understand correctly, you say that even you type " ALPERT" these keys, there won't be "Alpert" on your prediction bar? That's not normal. SK version number: you can find in SK settings > up-right corner 3-dot menu key > about. I suggest we look at the prediction words for the moment, can you upload a video, recording your typing? I personally suggest this app and strongly recommend to enable the "show touch" option in developer settings in your LG. Keep us updated. Alpert
  14. Merry Christmas everyone !