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  1. I'm interested in trying this as well. I have been getting some pretty off-the-wall suggestions as of late. Edit: I did it, it doesn't seem to be that painful to start over. The app now crashes when I try to go to personalize the keyboard, but only on my tablet, and only when accessing SwiftKey via Settings > Input & Keyboard or whatever it's called. If I could through the hamburger button on the keyboard itself, I can get to the themed keyboards with no issues.
  2. That's what I came here to ask, too. It seems the addition of double word prediction has not only ruined the app's ability to predict fairly accurate suggestions but it's blitzed whatever memory of my style of typing it had learned. I now get completely irrelevant suggestions 90% of the time. Not a single double word prediction has been useful, either. It's like they decided to take the only useful thing SwiftKey offers and erase that feature. At least for me.