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  1. No issues with predictions on my 6s Plus. I'm on SwiftKey beta.
  2. Show your home screen!

    LOL, I'm down to a respectable 292 apps. I was up to 340.
  3. Show your home screen!

    New for my iPhone.
  4. Show your home screen!

    My current iOS home screen.
  5. Thanks, everyone!
  6. Thanks, Ryan! I'm looking forward to helping where and when I can.
  7. Microsoft has confirmed the completion of the deal with SwiftKey. No details were announced.
  8. It was tough going for a good while with all the 3rd party keyboards. Apple didn't make it easy. There's been a lot of hurdles to clear. I believe SwiftKey has come a long way since it's iOS debut. They managed to add emoji and have kept it up to date. It's been great in iOS 9. I've been happy with SwiftKey and see no reason for concern at this point. I've taken a wait and see approach to the Microsoft issue and will go forward with business as usual.
  9. How many beta apps are you using?

    Currently: 1. TapaTalk 2. Super Calendar 3. SwiftKey 4. Blyss (game) 5. Chordbank (guitar) 6. BeWeather 2 (off and on).
  10. Microsoft seems committed to working with the SwiftKey team to continue SwiftKey's success going forward. Yet, I too have my concerns.
  11. I just filled it out. Am I too late?
  12. Show your home screen!

    Lock screen!
  13. Show your home screen!

    Really nice. The screen size is great. I was surprised how well it fit my pockets.
  14. Show your home screen!

    The first of my new 6s Plus.
  15. Thanks for reporting this issue. We will fix this issue in next release. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk BTW: Ledsteplin, the fix will be included in beta build later. Let me know if the fix works for you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk I will. Thanks!