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  1. Hi I signed up to offer feedback. Hopefully it will be useful / cab be taken on board. Since the last update, SK has been very difficult for me to use due to changes in the emoji panel. Several changes have happened; with no way of reverting them to their previous behaviour (options are good!). It has slowed my typing down significantly, and I’ve had the dreaded support phone call from my parents of “why has my phone changed?” Below are lists of issues that have made SK much more difficult to use and /or have slowed down my typing. I use ‘Long press for emojis’. When I refer to a ‘smilie’, I simply mean a text based representation, for example “:-)” Not remembering the last emoji tab (I’d actually consider this a bug). Old: I used to use the “:-)” menu almost exclusively, as I text people with old phones a lot. When I open up the emoji menu, it would always default to the last tab I had open. New: SK will always default to the first tab, which is the ‘smile face’. It’s bad enough that the menu has moved from the top to the bottom (why? – it makes it much more likely I’ll hit the Android home button or minimise the keyboard), but not remembering my preference, is allowing me to choose is causing me more work. Not closing the emoji / smilies panel once I select one. Old: Add an emoji and it would then take me back to the keyboard. New: The emoji panel always stops open, meaning I need to manually move back to the keyboard Emoji / smilie spacing Old: Adding a text based smilie, for example “:-)” would add a space at the end, so I could start typing normal text immediately. New: No space is added, meaning I must add one manually, or the text gets concatenated to the smilie. No spacebar / backspace Old: You have backspace and space buttons in the menu New: These are missing, meaning it’s very difficult to work with text based smilies Text size The smilies are smaller than in the previous version (the text versions like ":-)". This makes them a little unclear, certainly when you take into account that….. Theme support in the emoji menu doesn’t work (I suspect you know this though) Old: The current theme would apply to the emoji menu New: You have a white background regardless. There are various, other smaller things, but I’ll get use to them. The first few items on my list really have changed the core functionality of SK for me. I’m going to try and find an older version (unless you can provide one?) to use for the moment. I really hope you add options in for these features. SK simply isn’t operating in a way which is useful for me anymore. Best regards