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  1. [D] What's Your Phone Hardware?

    damn right, mate! You're completely right. I didn't notice the date, I'm sorry. I hope they give us more battery! I'm power hungry, that's undeniable.
  2. [D] What's Your Phone Hardware?

    This thread is a bit inaccurate. I've got a OnePlus 3, which means I already am Snapdragon 820 and I've got 6GB of RAM (which option's missing on the topic). Answering the questions: This processor amazes me in every way and I'm completely satisfied by it. Of course I wouldn't refuse an improvement, but as of now... nothing beats it. The 6GB is what I need on a phone and I wouldn't buy anything more than that. And at last, I don't think 3K mAh is enough anymore. I want more. I want 4k mAh fitting 5.5'' or 5.7'' full-HD display.