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  1. I spent some extra time digging on this subject because it doesn't seem to be as straightforward as my teachers in university claimed it to be. Apparently the rules are completely mixed up. Often it seems that countries have their own rules on it, regardless of the language. So, England, US, Belgium, France, Netherlands, etc. have different opinions on it. If that isn't complex enough, within those countries, different organisations have different styles of using it regardless of the what the main lingual authority sais on it. So, let's blame my teachers for me being so convinced on how to use it
  2. Dear VIP's I notice more and more how everyone uses the ellipsis wrong these days... See the mistake? There should be space between "days" and "...". And this was written with the world's leading digital keyboard, SwiftKey ... This time I did it right, but I actively had to go to the spot between "SwiftKey" and "...". Recently it struck me that I have been doing this unconsciously for a while now and that nobody else is still doing it. I'm not 100% sure whether this is a requisite i'm English, but in Dutch and French it's the same story and there I'm sure it's necessary. So, dilemma: do we accept that languages are living things and accept that this error we made has changed the use of the ellipsis (meaning the no automatically spacing when typed . a second or third time)? OR do we still adjust it and add automatic spacing starting from the second or third point to save all those millennials from failing at language class? What do you think?
  3. Hi, I live(d) in Brussels, the political heart of Europe. (T)here, knowing multiple languages is a must. I speak 4. Dutch, English, French and already quite some German but improving every day. And on top of that the many many strong dialects of my core languages.. Yes, speaking another language is like having another soul. Start thinking and speaking in another language and the world changes in front of you. Very different languages offer very different perspectives on things. This is why speaking multiple languages makes you a lot smarter. I think it's even essential to be literate in the 21st century. Now I travel the world and I'm absolutely addicted to learning new languages. I eat them for breakfast. Almost literally. Finding ways to learn faster is a must for me. I'm trying to follow as much as possible the latest developments in (language) learning and neuroscience research. We're discovering a lot in this field very fast, but not fast enough. I need the best learning strategies today, not next month Ps: I like the level of curiosity in your question Prad. I think you'd make a great polyglot. Kind regards, Reiner Wils
  4. Releasing a list of your top used words and phrases would allow me to learn languages significantly faster. Like they say that you only need about 3000 words to get fluent in a language... I want to know which are my top used words and phrases to put this into action since I'm travelling the world and experimenting a lot with accelerated learning. Just export in an excell sheet or something would be perfect. It's easy to follow the order of most used words or phrases and to translate them to the new language that I'm learning. Also to export to flashcards learning apps this is perfect. I really believe this can revolutionise the speed at which I can learn new languages to put them into use immediately. Also for AI understanding of which words to teach first for higher relevance this is great. Think of use in Duolingo, memrise, mondly, etc. Now I have the feeling that these apps are completely disconnected of what you should learn first.