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  1. Loved the video especially the flow trails and slapping the guy for saying it hurts! LOL!!!!!
  2. I tried the same thing jeffanti. It's a sad day...
  3. Was falling asleep and remembered it is now talk like a pirate day. Picked up my phone, hoping to download a nice language packs but alas... nothing... I am disappoint. :'(
  4. Don't keep yer cap'n waiting, matey!
  5. Will we be getting a pirate language download this year? I would love to have that as an available standard!
  6. Would love to see Pirate speak and Yoda speak as permanent fixtures!
  7. Unfortunately none of them are good for my old eyes. I can use the pumkin and the neon themes. They are the only ones with enough contrast between the letters and the background.