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  1. Thumb Keyboard

    I think I mentioned this already but Swiftkey could take a page from Thumb Keyboard for its tablet layout. On mobile phones, I definitely prefer Swiftkey to thumb keyboard (because I'll take better predictions over customization anyday, even if it would be great to have both). On 10inch tablets though, there's something wrong with swiftkey's layout and visual theme. I make lots of mistakes whereas the biggest keys should on the contrary be easier to hit. The problem is the width of the keys (in the split keyboard theme). It's too big for my hands, making it extremely difficult to target the letters on the center. Swiftkey offers only customization of the keyboard height. Thumb keyboard allows me to tailor the keyboard exactly to my needs. Also, on portrait mode, Swiftkey Tablets looks wrong. It's difficult to pinpoint why exactly, but there is something off in the keys spacing (the semi rounded keys don't help I think). Thumb keyboard definitely looks better, whichever colour theme you pick.
  2. Jelly Bean stock kb

    I've been using Google Jelly Bean keyboard, in French, for a few days now. Here is some feedback 1 - the next word prediction works, but the initial language model is completely blank. To be more precise, there is a full french dictionnary but the keyboard only starts predicting your next word once you've typed this combination of word once. In english, there is a pre-made prediction model though (maybe the lack of french model is a bug, my ROM is a rough alpha). 2 - once you've typed a few mails, SMS etc..., the keyboard starts predicting the next word. It works quite well, but in french the quality of the suggestions is still far from what swiftkey offers (cf 1st point). In english, there is still a gap (swiftkey offers better predictions) but it is much smaller. 3- Autocorrection : it works really well. I think almost as good as swiftkey, and due to the word predictions the suggestions adapt with context. Two main differences : swiftkey predicts punctuations (for instance "!" after "hello"), jelly bean keyboard does not. Also, in french, swiftkey predicts "à" (to) over "a" (got) depending on the context ; JB keyboard always suggest "a" and ignores the accent. 4- Smart Space : contrary to what people said above, it works, both in english and french. And it works well. Not as powerful as swiftkey's version, but a bit more conservative I think. 5- Layout and speed : the JB keyboard is more streamlined and elegant in looks than Swiftkey, even with Cobalt theme. The keys are both smaller and somehow easier to type on (when predictions off, I do much less mistakes on JB). It is also faster on my galaxy S, while swiftkey sometimes lag. 6- You can long press on a prediction to get alternatives, for instance long press on "walk" to get a menu with "walked", "walking", etc.... Neat. Works in french too. This would be an interesting addition to swiftkey. All in all, I think Swiftkey is still the best in terms of prediction, especially in languages other than english ; but you should take a page from Google's keyboard layout and the way they detect typing on keys : it's easier to use and looks more professionnal. One suprising feature that I missed a lot while typing on JB Keyboard is the way SK auto-adds words to the dictionnary. In JB keyboard, you have to press once on the word, then press once again, then wait for a pop-up to come out and confirm that you want to add a word to the dictionnary. Ridiculous and breaks the typing flow. I love how SK's dictionnary improves transparantly without having the user confirm anything.
  3. Jelly Bean stock kb

    It doesn't have smart space feature...but from the videos I've seen it's sure to be a serious threat to swiftkey : - the prediction seems (very) good - you can long press on predictions to get alternatives (for instance "type / typed / typing"), which has been one of the top features request for Swiftkey in years... - the layout and visual design seems far nicer and more professional that what we have now in Swiftkey 3 - I've always found that the stock android keyboard is easier to type on (if we put the auto-correction part aside). When predictions are desactivated in swiftkey, I make a lot of errors because the keys are small and the keyboard doesn't detect the right key when I press between two keys. The stock ICS keyboard, like in iOS, seems to "magically" detect which key I was trying to type. All in all, it looks like the competition will be fierce !
  4. Prediction Better on another keyboard...

    I think that, all in all, AI type is an average keyboard. The predictions are OK but definitely not as good as swiftkey (at least in french...), the fact that we can customize the keyboard is nice but the layout and graphics are horrible... And last but not least, you have to send EVERY single character you type in the cloud. No thank you...
  5. Swype

    Yes, swype's predictions are getting better and better. I think in fact they've been bought that nuance, and they mixed the FlexT9 keyboard (already quite good) and the swype one. The result is : - excellent voice regognition - good word predictions and auto correction : not nearly on par with swiftkey, but getting close... - and the swype mechanics, which I find a bit slow on the long term but definitely fun to use. Competition is getting better, I hope swiftkey has some interesting new features coming...
  6. Thumb Keyboard

    Also, Thumb Keyboard is fully customizable (size of keys, placement of keys, shortcuts, space between keys, etc...). The prediction engine is average at most, but it's surely one of the best keyboards for tablets out there. I hope that swiftkey tablets will adopt some of these good ideas because right now the predictions are better but it's not as easy to type on swiftkey than thumb keyboard.