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  1. I've also always been proud to be part of the SK VIP community.
  2. Thank you, SwiftKey devs. Innovative themes. However, I would like to remove some of those I downloaded, but cannot seem to access settings. I'm using a Nexus 5. Would appreciate help here.
  3. What's your fav. new theme?

    Not crazy about the minimals, but I love them all. My favorite, though is ice. Really COOL.
  4. best themes yet

    My favorite is Ice, but I also like the Cobalt very much. Don't like the dark keyboards much - I find them more difficult to use. I must say that I think the SwiftKey themes are just one example of the uniqueness of SwiftKey. Who would want a Windows keyboard for cells or tablets?
  5. best themes yet

    I was using cobalt, but really like the ice theme. Perhaps because it's so very hot here in the Middle East!
  6. best themes yet

    Cobalt - but I LOVE the Ice!
  7. Hello Hoonan, Great to know you're part of SwiftKey's incredible customer service.
  8. What is iOS Missing?

    Where is the quick launch button? Couldn't make that out from the video.