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  1. What's your favorite new feature?

    Love the release-to-select feature for special characters! Apart from this, the German language pack seems heavily improved. This is just a feeling though. Also, I'm slowly getting used to the new smiley selector. All in all I'd say great work.
  2. Prediction Better on another keyboard...

    If you're interested, read my topic on what I think about why German prediction is almost unusable. viewtopic.php?f=10&t=825 There's no statement from the devs yet, thus it's highly speculative. And long.
  3. Prediction Better on another keyboard...

    I think this (reasonable number of options) is highly language dependant. I never felt like I needed more than three options for English typing, whereas the German prediction would need at least five options to deliver any usable results. At all. I'd love to see what native speakers of languages I know nothing about think about this. (Which would be anything except for those mentioned above.)
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