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  1. (Please excuse my writing a reply to this thread, but I was completely unable to start a new topic (the "select forum" field was unclickable). ) Hi. I've been a very happy Swiftkey user for several years now, first on various Nexus cell phones and a Nexus 10 tablet, and now on a Pixel phone and Samsung A (10") tablet. And therein lies the problem. With my new tablet, when I click in a text field, I no longer get the keyboard icon on the lower right of the screen, an icon I use regularly in order to switch to the Enpass keyboard and fill in user ids and passwords. There seems to be no way to temporarily switch from Swiftkey to another keyboard on this tablet. However, if I define Gboard as my default keyboard, I can long-press on the spacebar to switch keyboards. I have searched through the various settings in Swiftkey, but have been unable to find a similar functionality. Is there a solution to the problem on my tablet? I will add that I cannot get the centered number pad in landscape mode either even though it is enabled. Thank you in advance for any help you can provide. Jill