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  1. Micheal

    General feedback from users of Androidpolice

    No problem! Great replies of yours, AP commenters are quite rough, it's difficult to start a peaceful conversation
  2. Hi all, Not sure where to post this, so I'll leave it here. The last public Beta has been released, with the addition of custom themes. There is an article on Android Police that talks about it, and commenters were keen to join in the discussion. There is some interesting piece of feedback that SwiftKey Community Managers might benefit from, and report to the devs. You will find the comments BELOW the article, in the Disqus section. Link to the comments here.
  3. It would be awesome to access directly to the Gifs panel by long-pressing the "emoji" button and sliding the thumb to "Gifs". That way, we would be spared a long-press to access the emoji area and a tap to select "Gifs" from that area. I hope I have been clear!
  4. This is excellent news for you, SwiftKey, but a sad day for us the users, who loved to see you free and independent. I've been using your keyboard since Day 1 and I "unfortunately" love SK too much to let it go. I'll be looking for alternatives from now on, though. I don't feel comfortable with my data being sent to yet another company. I just hope that Microsoft won't wreck you as they did with Nokia, Skype or the such.
  5. Hi Ryan, I'm a bit at a loss here. I'd like to report a problem with the recent update to the italian language package and I can't find the right section where to do it. The link you posted (support.SwiftKey.com) only relates to FAQs and not to feedback forms. I find it appalling that there is no longer an appropriate section in the whole SwiftKey VIP forum where users can post feedback on languages. I thought that languages meant EVERYTHING for a predictive keyboard! Could you please point me to an area where my feedback will be heard by the SwiftKey team, like it uses to happen just some months ago? Thanks in advance. Micheal
  6. Micheal

    Slice Keyboard

    Hey guys, have you heard of Slice Keyboard? Probably not, as it's just been launched. The concept is mind-blowing. While the user seems to need a lot of practice before getting the most out of it (indeed, with the keyboard comes even a typing tutorial), the idea at the base has really struck my attention. Slice Keyboard is conceived for tablet use only. I'm really curious to read what reviews say
  7. Micheal

    How do you view the VIP forum from your android?

    I hope they fix the compatibility issue with the new version soon... web browsing is ok, but Tapatalk seriously rocks!
  8. Micheal

    Jelly Bean stock kb

    So, to put it politely, Google has learnt from SwiftKey's example, as in Jelly Bean's new standard keyboard there are not only autocorrections, but also predicions. Don't worry, SK... your keyboard is way better
  9. Please use the Blue colour only in the predictions!!!!! Otherwise that's really gonna be a stone in the eye!!!