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  1. Dvs1jsn

    GIF Content

    I get it. We all saw what happened. Sucks for all of us that some a$$hat out there did that. Good luck to you guys!
  2. Dvs1jsn

    GIF Content

    Thanks for the response. Sorry for incorrect post. Just figured GIF content LOL. Understand the policies and everything going around, but with no notice of this happening, many will have stopped using the SK keyboard like I have until it is fixed.
  3. Dvs1jsn

    GIF Content

    I noticed while searching for a GIF, certain search words are not there. The response in the GIF section states "No search results found" My friends and I have vulgar senses of humor, so we respond to one another in the same manner, and sometimes a GIF comes in handy. But with these certain words not able to search, it cause them to look elsewhere to get their content. Is there a reason for this change?
  4. Same issue. Emailed support to get a better answer hopefully than it just gets lucky for some and not all. Hopefully just a bug...
  5. Dvs1jsn

    best themes yet

    Can we vote or ask for different colors? Im really interested in a red theme like the pumpkin or neon. Black background with deep red colors. Can I request this?