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  1. So are you saying you'd like to join this new SwiftKey Insiders Community?
  2. Thanks for sharing that, @lyndale =]
  3. Let me clear some things up. This Community platform has existed for a long time. It used to be a place to report beta feedback, and it was also a community to community support forum. All those things are in the past. It has become a new Insiders Community. Which is why almost everything else is hidden. There are instructions in this post for members who already have an account how to get access to this new community.
  4. What's Swiftkey prototype A and B?

    This test you were invited to is not part of this program. Please refer to any emails or surveys you got to provide feedback for this beta. Any projects that come through SwiftKey Insiders will come through this forum.
  5. This program is Android only right now. Insiders help by participating in the experiments I send out and providing their feedback on those. Any general ideas and feature requests can be directed to support.swiftkey.com - but we also do encourage topics for discussion.
  6. Insightful Swiftkey feedback on VIP?

    Hi there, As you have pointed out, this forum is no longer used as feedback. It has become a new Insiders Community. All general feedback and bug reports can be posted in support.swiftkey.com. Things were jus too complicated having both forums in one place. There is a moderator team that manages the forums now, they flag things to me in which we discuss are important. The forums at support.swiftkey.com are where you can post a bug or start a discussion, if anything, that forum is more easy to find and has decent engagement and attracts more of the average user. If you feel like your forum post is not getting attention, tweet it to us and or submit a ticket as well. I hope this helps.
  7. What exactly do you mean? Want to provide some context? What was this make easier for you versus what your device is already capable of doing?
  8. We have moderators that help answer questions on the forums. We'll find a solution to your troubles. =]
  9. Hi Jill, That is because this is no longer a support forum. Please send all queries to support.swiftkey.com where you can post on the new forums or submit a direct ticket. Thanks, Ryan
  10. We can never guarantee any features. But all suggestions are taken into consideration. I think this is a little beyond our scope for now, but who knows what the future holds.
  11. This is true, it's a fine line. We're already getting bloatware comments for adding GIFs and such. Yet, this is basically how the landscape is moving with keyboards. To a platform, not just a utility. We have some solid performance work underway right now. We should see some benefits of this soon.
  12. Yea, they can be savages over there. I only jump in where i feel like I can provide value to the conversation. I see no point in jumping into toxic conversations.
  13. Interesting, this is something I have not thought about. Would you prefer we partner with game makers and have them work within the keyboard, or would we create some other interesting word based/typing based games?
  14. Hi Michael, AP is my favorite Android blog to read. I tend to jump in there and respond to people when I see them write about us. If you visit the link now, you'll see my commenting. Thanks for sharing.