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  1. Hello everyone, Ive been seeing a lot of attention around GIF support. As Android has made this a better experience with their API, I'm curious as to what types of features you think would make this an awesome experience inside SwiftKey. I've created a poll with some predefined ideas I've come up with, but you should be able to add some of your own, if not, post them in the comments and I can add them. Lets hear all your wild ideas. Cheers, Ryan
  2. Hello VIPs, Are you a SwiftKey user and an Android developer? We’re looking for enthusiastic users to help us on a project. Comment below if you’re interested! Cheers, Ryan
  3. Hello VIPs, SwiftKey has supported multilingual typing for a while now...many of you have asked us to support more than three languages and we're listening. SwiftKey is a company committed to languages and multilingualism. As such, we're thrilled to now be able to test multilingual typing in up to FIVE languages simultaneously on SwiftKey Beta for Android. Just add more languages from the settings menu when using the Beta app. Currently in beta, this change will make typing a breeze for those of you lucky enough to speak so many languages. Switch seamlessly between Swedish, Serbian, French, English and Azerbaijani if you're so inclined! This feature is great for people who are enthusiastic about learning new languages as well; you can be a native English speaker but keep Kurdish, Russian and Zulu keyboards on your device just in case. We now offer typing in over 125 languages but being able to offer this new capability of five languages at once really takes SwiftKey Keyboard to the next level. Do you have other suggestions for languages or language-related features? Tell us here or in this thread!
  4. Hello VIPs, In October of last year, we announced the release of SwiftKey Neural Alpha, the world’s first neural network-based keyboard. We released it as an early experimental prototype on SwiftKey Greenhouse, and were thrilled to see such an enthusiastic response from users. We’re excited to announce that from today, this next-generation technology is available in SwiftKey Keyboard for Android, as an update on Google Play. At SwiftKey, we’re using neural networks to enable our keyboards to understand language at a deeper level. For the first time since we launched SwiftKey Keyboard six years ago, we’ve rebuilt SwiftKey’s language engine from the ground up using the power of neural network technology – the first instance of neural networks being used locally on a smartphone. This gives you more accurate and useful next-word predictions, saving you time and (hopefully) adding a little fun to your typing. You can download or update now on Google Play! Read the entire blog post here Cheers, Ryan & the Android team
  5. Hello VIP Community, We've been working on two new products with a major focus on emoji. Taking what SwiftKey does best *predictions*, we put prediction emphasis on emoji prediction. This app works for Android and iOS but the work a little differently. The Android app is it's own keyboard with an extra emoji prediction bar. The iOS app is an emoji only keyboard. So you would type as normal and switch this emoji input and see real time emoji predictions based on what you wrote. Check out our full blog post here: https://blog.swiftkey.com/emoji-prediction-app-swiftmoji-launches-today/ p.s It would be super awesome if you could up vote Swiftmoji on Product hunt Android iOS I have also created two new sections in the VIP for Swiftmoji related questions for both Android and iOS. Android Swiftmoji User 2 User Support iOS Swiftmoji User 2 User Support Cheers & emoji on Ryan
  6. Hello VIPs, In a new way to help us improve the Android typing experience, we've made this new custom version of SwiftKey that helps us collect a bit more data that normal - but only for improving the overall typing experience. You can read through more details below. Download link: I understand how this differs from SwiftKey Keyboard and want to install it from Google Play FAQs What is SwiftKey Typing Experiment Keyboard? It’s a special one-off build of SwiftKey that tracks additional information about how its users type. We’re asking a small number of users to help us by using this keyboard instead of SwiftKey Keyboard for a week or two. The additional information collected by this keyboard will enable us to understand how our users type and identify when we’re helping you to type more easily, as well as when we’re not! This information will help us improve SwiftKey Keyboard’s typing features - including the accuracy of its auto-corrections, word predictions and of Flow. What should I do with this keyboard? Please use it as your default keyboard and just type normally. There’s no need to sign into SwiftKey Cloud. We’re particularly interested in Flow (gesture-typing) data right now so even if you rarely use Flow please try to use it for at least a few minutes each day. On 30th August this keyboard will expire and stop working. If you’re still using it at that point please switch back to SwiftKey Keyboard. What’s different about this keyboard compared to SwiftKey Keyboard? The Typing Experiment Keyboard has been modified to save the coordinates of the places you press on the screen, the words that you type and the gestures you make on the screen when using Flow. This data is sent securely to our servers. Certain features have also been disabled, such as layout re-sizing and undocking. Its name is also different - it reports itself as ‘SwiftKey Typing Experiment Keyboard’. It does not contain any new features not already in SwiftKey Keyboard. Will this additional tracking ever be added to SwiftKey Keyboard? No. How will my data be stored? All data collected from this keyboard is stored securely and separately to all other data collected from SwiftKey’s other products. It will only accessed by selected SwiftKey staff and will only be used to facilitate product improvements. For more details see our data security policy. I’d like to help but I have concerns about how this affects my privacy We will treat this data in the same careful, responsible manner that we treat all of our users’ data - please read our privacy policy for details. If you have further questions then please get in touch by responding to this thread or sending me @Prad a private message. Download link: I understand how this differs from SwiftKey Keyboard and want to install it from Google Play Thanks for your time and dedication in helping make SwiftKey better. Best, Ryan & the Android Team
  7. Hello VIPs, For those of you that don't know, Google has made the next version of Android (N) open to the public to beta test (for only a few Nexus Devices). We are dedicated to making sure SwiftKey runs nicely when Android N goes live. In order to do this, we'll be keeping track of all the bugs found during the Android N preview so we can squash them. If you have been brave enough to participate in this beta, please follow and use this new Android N Preview Bugs & Preview forum to stay in the loop. As a reminder, please remember you are using experimental software by Google. While we will be tracking these bugs, we won't have a timeline of when they will be fixed. Cheers, Ryan & the Android team
  8. Hi VIPs, As emoji is becoming more and more popular across the world, we wanted to breakdown what emoji really are and how they work with our latest blog post. There's too much in the post to copy and paste it all here, so I've only grabbed a snippet. I suggest heading on over to the blog to read the full post https://blog.swiftkey.com/emoji-for-dummies/ Cheers, Ryan
  9. Hello VIPs, This is the second announcement of the day. We got this news last week, but I'm just getting around to posting this, sorry! We've reached a nice milestone of 50,000,000 downloads of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who's supported SwiftKey and have downloaded and joined the community. Cheers, Ryan & the Community Team
  10. Hello VIPs, Today we have releases SwiftKey for Android version 6.2.1. This comes with a few key bug fixes but mostly the new Android 6.0.1 emoji. Here are the release notes WHAT'S NEW - Support for new emoji (for devices on Android 6.0.1) - Support for Android Marshmallow - You can now input currency for: Russia, Argentina, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Slovakia, Germany, Canada & Australia - Improvements to typing behaviour when backspacing Fixed - Autospace now works with Japanese enabled - Evernote personalization won’t cause repeated listing in settings - We no longer autocorrect if you start typing a URL at the start of a message or capitalise the first “w” Want to read more about the new emoji, check out the details on our blog Cheers, Ryan
  11. Hi VIPs If you’ve ever noticed, there have been some basic typing stats in the SwiftKey app for a while now. With this latest beta, we’ve just stepped up our stats game. We now show you some stats that are more centered around your particular typing style and habits making each person’s stats section that much more unique. These stats come are focused on the words and emoji you use. Here’s a the details from the blog post Full release notes What’s New - Introducing 'My SwiftKey Stats' - Fun new visualizations of how you type.- can be found in the main Settings area -Added Material Design ripple touch feedback on the FAB & Languages screen for Lollipop+ Fixed - You can now re-personalize again from the same Gmail account - Facebook link in ‘About’ section now works - Fixed a crash when devices were out of memory What’s your favorite SwiftKey Stat? Let us know by sharing in the Android beta forums or on Twitter! Cheers, Ryan & the SwiftKey team
  12. Hello VIPs, Yesterday we updated our Android app with a few bug fixes but most importantly, with the new Android emoji that came out last week with Android 6.0.1. Read more about it in our blog: https://blog.swiftkey.com/new-android-emoji-arrive-swiftkey-for-android/ Want to provide some feedback around the new emoji? Check our the beta section of the forums Cheers, Ryan
  13. Hello VIPs, SwiftKey 6.1.0 is now rolled out 100% to the market. Here are the full release notes What's New - Pinyin for Taiwan Traditional Chinese - Two FREE new festive holiday themes! http://bit.ly/SKWinterNight - Light and dark themed emoji panel - Double-Word Prediction, redesigned emoji panel & settings - Improved typing performance when changing screen orientation - Emoji panel will remember your last used category - New animation for floating keyboard icon in settings - New 3-state shift key added to new themes Fixed - Vibration settings won’t change on upgrade - Improved Flow & predictions from characters accessed with shift key (Indic & SE Asian languages) Go ahead and update and let us know how it is. Cheers, Ryan
  14. Hello VIPs, We have just released two new free holiday themes in the SwiftKey store for Android. Winter Night & Frost Winter Night We've noticed our community enjoys darker themes so we went with darker themes that mimic a night sky. Here's a quote from our designer Qing who made them. We’re also running a sale on last year’s festive Gift Wrap theme pack so don’t forget to scoop up five themes at 50% off! Head to the SwiftKey Store to nab Winter Night andFrosted Winter Night for free and share a screenshot of your festive keyboard with us on Twitter using #SKHoliday! Cheers, Ryan
  15. Hello VIPs, We are announcing the full release of SwiftKey 6.0 today! If you haven’t heard or seen yet, we’ve been testing a large update for SwiftKey over the past few weeks, and it’s ready to go with lots of Material Design goodness. SwiftKey 6.0 is the biggest bundle of new features and improvements we’ve released since making SwiftKey free for everyone last year. We’ve been testing a new feature called Double-Word Prediction, where, with a single tap, you can predict the next two words in a phrase – and it’s now live and ready to use. The settings menu has been rebuilt from the ground up in the Material Design style to make sure you can easily find the settings and fine tune your typing experience. Inserting emoji is now faster, smoother and comes with a Material Design makeover as well. Did someone say “new themes”? We’ve got some of those, too! Along with 5 brand new theme packs, we released a new free default theme called Carbon Light. It’s a distinctively SwiftKey flavor of Google’s Material Design approach. You can read more about it on our blog What's New New Material Design settings New emoji panel with Material Design Tons of new themes New Double-Word Predictions Support for 5 new languages Yoruba, Igbo, Zulu, Xhosa & Breton Fixed Swipe to delete on Samsung phones is more consistent You can check in on Facebook and predictions will work Jumpy cursor issues in Samsung email apps, HTC and LG apps should be fixed If you’re interested in the latest and greatest from SwiftKey, join the beta program! Download the beta app now from the Google Play Store. Once you go and download the beta (because I know you want to), jump on over to the Android beta forum to let us know what you think. With all releases, we always want to hear your thoughts, so please sound off in the comments or let us know via Twitter. Cheers, Ryan & the Android Team
  16. Hello all, These forums have been around for years now and with that, they have undergone some changes. In the past year we rolled out the User To User sections to help our community members find answers to questions on their own or with the help from the community. As of now, this section needs some SwiftKey veterans/champions, etc to step up and help out troubled SwiftKey users. What are the benefits you may ask? Becoming an official Moderator on these forumsThis in itself comes with benefitsBeing awesome and helpful to othersBuilding a better relationship with SwiftKey & myselfWhile benefits are nice, this type of thing usual comes from the heart. You help out because you want to and the benefits are just nice to have. If you're interested, reach out to let me know or just jump on in and answer some questions and be awesome. Best, Ryan
  17. Hello VIPs, Have you ever wanted to be a Ninja but never got to do it? We're you giving you a chance to be a Ninja with our new Android Ninja themes. Read the details from the blog post below Cheers, Ryan
  18. Hello VIPs, If you haven’t heard the news yet, we had a massive update this morning for the Android Beta keyboard. This new beta brings SwiftKey to version 6.0 and comes with lots of Material Design goodness. SwiftKey 6.0 is the biggest bundle of new features and improvements we’ve released since making SwiftKey free for everyone last year. The previous two betas have had Double-Word Predictions and now we are finally announcing it (more details in What’s New section). The settings menu has been rebuilt from the ground up in the Material Design style to make sure you can easily find the settings and fine tune your experience. Inserting emoji is now faster, smoother and comes with a Material Design makeover as well. Did someone say new theme? We’ve got one of those too. Carbon Light is a new free theme that’s a distinctively SwiftKey flavor of Google’s Material Design approach. You can read more about it on our blog but more importantly, you should join the beta program and download it now from the Google Play Store. For full release notes Once you go and download the beta (because I know you want to) jump on over to the Android beta forum to let us know what you think. Cheers, Ryan & The Android Team
  19. Hey VIPs, I think talking about Android and iOS can always stir up a great debate. Today, I want to ask if anyone has switched from one platform to the other? If so, why and when? I personally have been with Android since the G1. I respect iOS and iPhones but just can't do it. I'm a diehard Android guy. Hopefully you all can shed more to this conversation. Sound off in the thread. Best, Ryan
  20. Iamdaymo

    Favorite theme on SwiftKey

    I have brought so many but my fave at the minute has to be satin blue it has such a lovely colour scheme going on. Vips what are your fave themes that u use on SwiftKey?? Sent from my XT1032 using Tapatalk
  21. Hello VIPs, We are proud to announce the release SwiftKey Keyboard 5.3 This update brings a handful of great changes! The short and sweet is below A new settings - Hub launcher A new theme, Carbon New Indic languages/layouts Dashlane Password management integration I would recommend jumping over to the blog and reading all the details. Cheers, Ryan & The SwiftKey Team
  22. Hello VIPs, Today we are stoked to announce a new SwiftKey Greenhouse project called Hexy Launcher. While a launcher app is definitely not part of a keyboard, it is still focused on AI and learning from you. Here are some key things: Now, I would suggest checking out two things. 1. The full blog post 2. Downloading the app 3. Joining the discussion Cheers, Ryan and the Hexy Team
  23. Hello VIPs, Are you interested in using and testing the latest and version of SwiftKey Keyboard for Android before everyone else? Then you might be interested in being part of this beta community. If this is your first time joining a beta community, no worries, I can help you or the other community members can answer all your questions. If you are new to this, we currently use Google Groups as the main platform to sign up and maintain the group. You can find all the steps on how to join by going directly to our Google Group or you can follow the instructions I've created below. As a side note, this beta app will be a separate app from the market version. This means you can switch between the beta and market app for any reason at anytime (assuming you have them both downloaded and installed). To get started, please follow the directions below and complete them in orderDownload SwiftKey for Android Beta app now from the Google Play StoreUse the Android Beta forum to post bugs reports and participate in discussionsEnjoy using SwiftKey Keyboard for AndroidWhen the app is updated, we use the Google Play, "What's New" section to add release notes. There are character limits to this, so for full release notes, please read the Release Notes thread. The only emails you will receive come from SwiftKey and will either be an update about the beta community or release notes. Cheers, Ryan and the Community Team
  24. Hello VIPs, Our developers are always building cool stuff, with that said, we are proud to announce SwiftKey Greenhouse. This is going to be a place you can keep an eye on where we will release apps that are in alpha stage and looking for people to test and provide feedback. A key point here is alpha. The first release in this Greenhouse section is "Clarity." We've released a new kind of keyboard that focuses on the typing experience. You can read more about it and download it from here Check it out and help new products grow. Cheers, Ryan
  25. Hello VIPs, Depending on how long of a SwiftKey user you are, you may remember there being a SwiftKey phone app and tablet app. A while ago, we merged them into the same app but kept around the tablet app. Today that changes. We have pulled the tablet app from the Google Play Store. If you purchased it or have it downloaded, it will NOT be removed from you device and you can still use it and enjoy it as you'd like. No one new will be able to search for it and download it. If you have not yet upgraded to SwiftKey 5.0 yet, I would suggest you do so by going to SwiftKey Keyboard in the Google Play Store. If you have any questions, please see this FAQ. Best, Ryan