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What OS do you use as your primary device?


Found 2 results

  1. There are many good browsers for Android Mobile. Some of them are - Android Stock Browser, Boat Browser Pro, Chrome Mobile Browser, Dolphin Browser, Firefox Mobile Browser, Maxthon Mobile Browser, Mercury Browser, Opera Mobile Browser, UC Web Browser, and many others. According to you, which is the best full featured (not mini or lite versions) browser for Android 4.0+ (ICS, JB & KK), and why?
  2. For the whole time that I have been on the VIP forums, I have used the old version of Tapatalk on my phone or just used my pc to access the forums. Today, I put Tapatalk on a different phone and installed Tapatalk 2. While I can see subforums inside of forums, I can't see the actual threads in any of those forums. This means that I can only respond to threads instead of starting my own. Edit: Tapatalk has been fixed. The newest version works best. Thank you Craig! My next step was to just log in via browser. My stock browser shows the forum like on a desktop. It was very difficult to use, so I tried Firefox. It was the same situation. Finally Chrome displayed it in a usable mobile format. I checked Opera as well, and it uses the mobile format too. I was curious as to how other people's experiences compared to mine? How do you connect? Edit: Browsers that work (access the mobile version) : Chrome, Opera, Dolphin Browsers that only offer a desktop view: Firefox, Samsung Galaxy S2 stock browser Apps that work: Tapatalk