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What OS do you use as your primary device?


Found 13 results

  1. Just a poll to satisfy my curiosity. Thank you to all, who participate.
  2. Iamdaymo

    Swiftkey for Windows phone

    Swiftkey has been growing massively since its launch, but so far hasnt reached windows platforms. Are there any users out there that feel that perhaps a windows version if possible should be worked on and possibly launched in the future??
  3. Hey VIPs, I know we currently live in a world of sharing things, so I thought about this question. "What types of content would you most like to be able to share / input direct from your keyboard aside from gifs and stickers?" Best, Ryan
  4. This article illuminates some of the (many) difficulties in creating an iOS 3rd party keyboard! http://beta-blog.archagon.net/2014/11/08/the-trials-and-tribulations-of-writing-a-3rd-party-ios-keyboard/ What are your thoughts? Have you ever endeavored to build something like this?
  5. I loved seeing this in my Google+ feed. It's a post by Android Central about their app. But, the keyboard looks very familiar. Kind of like it's just a given SwiftKey would be the keyboard https://plus.google.com/111016991750865047479/posts/YvGg7wsWmLY
  6. Am using swiftkey since i born, and i really can't use any other keyboards, and the last beta is really awesome. If you guys can add the new Smileys like the one in the new keyboard from Samsung for the S4 it will be fantastic. Check this screen shot. https://copy.com/ExFPj
  7. mbrown3

    Swipe Keyboard Shootout

    So I've been testing the TouchPal Wave keyboard since its beta release, and while I love the quickness of swiping and the actual wave idea, I found that its predictive accuracy is sorely lacking. They kept saying it would improve over time as it learns. But that never quite materialized. I figure several months is more than enough time for it to learn, and if it hasn't done so (very well) by now, it probably won't. Perhaps they'll improve their algorithms in the future, but for now I'm back on the hunt for the perfect Android keyboard. I downloaded all of the swiping-type ones I could find and did some quick typing with them to see how they did. Here were my findings. Of course, these are by no means exhaustive or necessarily conclusive, but I found the results to be interesting. What I'm looking for: a swiping keyboard that has good predictive text, but hopefully whose accuracy is good enough that I don't need the predictive text very often. I'm also looking for speed...not necessarily how fast I can enter text in terms of actual numbers, but what FEELS fast. Some feel sluggish and slow, while others feel lightning fast, even though I'm not sure if the ones that feel faster actually ARE faster in terms of input (does that make sense?). I'd also prefer one that allows swiping the delete key to delete entire words (far prefer this to holding delete key). I'm on an HTC One, FYI, so I also include the default Sense keyboard, which is actually not bad. I didn't mess with the layouts on any of them...these are default, and the only settings I made sure were on were swiping function and double space for auto-insertion of period + space. These are direct from these keyboards on the phone, with the exception of [red, which are what I was trying to say, for comparison]: -------------------- Kii Testing Kii keyboard. It's pretty fast so far but not sure about accuracy. Accuracy is actually very good. Maybe the best yet. Double tap space is a bit more finicky than others though. I'm also not sure I like the layout... It seems a bit cramped to me. But so fast [far] so good in terms of results. Speed seems good. I might be able to change layout in settings for a bit more room. Also can't swipe delete for while [whole] word. SlideIT Now testing SlideIT keyboard. Speed seems a but [bit] short [slower] than Liu [Kii]. Abstract [accuracy] is far less. To the point of not bring [being] usable. HTC Sense (Default) Now testing Sense. Double tap space seems slower than others. I like the store [swipe] steak [streak]. Accuracy is not great. What is store steak? Supposed to be sore [swipe] steak [streak]. Still wrong. Swype [swipe] streak. No thanks. TouchPal Note [now] testing TouchPal wave. Wave is cool and seeing [swiping] is day [fast] but not sure about accuracy. Accuracy seems poor. Predictions are not great. Wonder if it will be better in full [future] version [versions]. Right note [now], no. Swype Now testing Swype. Fast. Not sure about accuracy. So far haven't needed to use predictions. Accuracy seems very good. Impressive. I like the streak. Helpful. Keyboard does seem very small though. Maybe it could be changed in settings to make it a bit bigger. Not sure about drain [Dragon] dictation instead of Google. Also can't left Swype [swipe] on delete for whole word. Don't like that it always replaces Swype [swipe] with Swype. SwiftKey Now testing SwiftKey. It seems a bit slower than others and i HATE the swipe streak. Not sure about accuracy. Why didn't it capitalize i . Maybe a song [setting] [Editorial note: there is a setting, but it was already set to auto-capitalize. Apparently it just didn't work properly]. Accuracy does not seem great. So far swype wins for accuracy. The streak is so stupid it makes it unusable. It's also a lot slower than others. Why doubt [double] space between words? Ultra Keyboard Now testing ultra keyboard. The steak [streak] is very bold and looks a little golf [goofy]. Accuracy doesn't seem great yet. Can't sweep [swipe] deleter [delete] Jerry [key] for while [whole] wooed [word]. Unusable due to pre [poor] accuracy. Keymonk Now testing Keymonk. Don't like that the steak [streak] stays in [on] the screen 100% [.] no auro [auto] period after number our [or] symbol. Seems slower than others. Unusable die [due] to poor accuracy. -------------------- So, for me, the winners in terms of look/feel and accuracy are Kii and Swype, but neither has swipe delete key to delete entire word. SwiftKey has the best predictive text but its initial accuracy isn't as good, and I hate the weak/faded rainbow colored swipe streaks (and it also can't swipe delete to remove whole words). I LOVE the wave feature of TouchPal, but its initial accuracy is poor (even worse than SwiftKey's), though not nearly as bad as SlideIT, Ultra, and Keymonk, which were so bad they were unusable. For now, I'll be giving more extensive time to Kii and Swype, and probably choosing one of those. In the future, if TouchPal implements (much) better predictive algorithms, I'll give that another shot, and if SwiftKey implements delete-key swipe to remove whole words, and either fixes the fruity looking swipes or allows user-custom themes/colors, I'll give that another serious look too. I'd welcome anyone's thoughts, but this is all, of course, IMO, YMMV, and all that. But for me, these were the results.
  8. ufstampa

    Google Japanese Input

    Landscape Google Japanese Input Hiragana Google Japanese Input I simi like the Google Japanese Input, but it is a bit flawed in my view. For a person learning the language it is hard to input Katakana. Especially if you haven't memorized the phonetic spelling or trying to copy from a book. I love how Google Japanese Input layout of Hiragana, typing is a breeze. It makes total sense! a 4x3 touch panel, and you slide (up, down, left, right) to get the needed character. If you view Hiragana and Katakana is perfectly parallel to each other. For some reason Katakana isn't in the same 4x3, but a qwerty keyboard set up. It's quite frustrating if you're visually trying to copy text. When you come run int Kanji, oh, it's even a harder! I have to switch to Chinese keyboard to achieve what I need, because I don't know how to spell it roman-anticly. I either use Google Chinese Pinyin Input or Google Translate Android App. Physically handwriting the stroke. A process that takes a long time when translating via phone! I hope SwiftKey can some how combined all these items to make a fab Japanese Keyboard! It would be nice to have the same keyboard to do Kanji (Chinese) characters. To leave switching option for PinYin for those who know roman Chinese PinYin, also Romanji writing for Japanese, and of course 3rd choice for roman English. (Combining Chinese and Japanese together, would be nice so other people can save the 2nd and 3rd keyboard for something else). I guess you can have a 3x3 T9 layout for vertical; PinYin, Romanji, English... and switch to horizontal keyboard with you tilt it. Um... It would prob, be better it be an option; which roman keyboard you like as a vertical position (T9/QWERTY). Google Chinese PinYin Input Google Chinese PinYin Handwriting Google Translate Chinese Handwriting There are mix things I like about Google Translate -vs- Google Chinese PinYin's handwriting. I like how GoogleTranslate's blue looks, Looks like SwiftKey style. GooglePinYin strokes look too fat and bold. There should be an option for stroke thickness and how long it stays on. Helps slow writers put in all the strokes. Also there is a spacing problem for GoogleTranslate, if you play with it you'll see what I mean, it keeps auto-deleting when the word is right next to each other. There should be a space for next word and actual space (which they use a blue line _ for next word / a horizontal bracket [ for hard space). [note: I know know, I did "wo mei ni," on accident. Instead of "wo ai ni"] Please SwiftKey, make your future Japanese Input awesome! Sincerely, ufstampa
  9. "Tell us what you like or don't like about other keyboards. Do not post anything from another beta program. Public information only please." HHHHMMMM.......not only is it from apple, but they also take a puritanical and self-righteous approach to auto-correct... Our analysis found over 14,000 words that are recognized as words when spelled accurately, but that won’t be corrected even when they are only slightly misspelled. However, the vast majority of these words are technical or very rarely used words: “nephrotoxin,” “sempstress,” “sheepshank,” or “Aesopian,” to name a few. But among this list as well are more frequently used (and sensitive) words such as “abortion,” “abort,” “rape,” “bullet,” “ammo,” “drunken,” “drunkard,” “abduct,” “arouse,” “Aryan,” “murder,” and “virginity.” http://www.thedailyb...ou-to-type.html
  10. Micheal

    Slice Keyboard

    Hey guys, have you heard of Slice Keyboard? Probably not, as it's just been launched. The concept is mind-blowing. While the user seems to need a lot of practice before getting the most out of it (indeed, with the keyboard comes even a typing tutorial), the idea at the base has really struck my attention. Slice Keyboard is conceived for tablet use only. I'm really curious to read what reviews say
  11. Mostxtream

    ICS stock keyboard

    Hallo, I am not sure if this has been mentioned before, but I was wondering, if there could be a way to use the stock ICS keyboard, but then with the superior functionality of Swiftkey. I have used the ICS theme of swiftkey, but I still miss the feel of the stock ICS keyboard. But then when I use stock ICS keyboard, I miss the functionality of Swiftkey. So basically, Stock ICS keyboard+Swiftkey. I was also wondering if there is someone that is thinking the same, and what your thoughts are on the idea.
  12. The Korean keyboard provided by google is the most effective type of keyboard. We can choose two type of keyboard. (Single vowel type and 2-bulsik) Single vowel type is an effective way to type a characters. And Korean people doesn't need an apostrophe button. Absolutely, you should eliminate this button.
  13. syrupj

    BlackBerry SureType keyboard

    I used to be a Storm 2 user. The phone itself was not a really good one, but I do appreciate the SureType keyboard they used. It looks like this: I really think putting two letters into one key is a nice idea. Of course I know SwiftKey is doing the auto-correction pretty well already at the moment, but this could make a good reference too.