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Digital keyboards make everyone use the ellipsis wrong

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Dear VIP's


I notice more and more how everyone uses the ellipsis wrong these days...  See the mistake? There should be space between "days"  and "...".  And this was written with the world's leading digital keyboard, SwiftKey ... This time I did it right, but I actively had to go to the spot between "SwiftKey"  and "...".  


Recently it struck me that I have been doing this unconsciously for a while now and that nobody else is still doing it. I'm not 100% sure whether this is a requisite i'm English, but in Dutch and French it's the same story and there I'm sure it's necessary. 


So, dilemma: do we accept that languages are living things and accept that this error we made has changed the use of the ellipsis (meaning the no automatically spacing when typed . a second or third time)? 

OR do we still adjust it and add automatic spacing starting from the second or third point to save all those millennials from failing at language class? 


What do you think?  

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I had no idea there was supposed to be a space between the ellipsis and the previous word. I've been using it wrong for years. It looks a bit more natural like "this..." to me personally.


We do have an ellipsis key on our secondary layout, but I'm going to assume it does not auto add that space as you suggested. What it does do is not make the next word be in caps.

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I spent some extra time digging on this subject because it doesn't seem to be as straightforward as my teachers in university claimed it to be.


Apparently the rules are completely mixed up. Often it seems that countries have their own rules on it, regardless of the language. So, England, US, Belgium, France, Netherlands, etc. have different opinions on it. If that isn't complex enough, within those countries, different organisations have different styles of using it regardless of the what the main lingual authority sais on it. 


So, let's blame my teachers for me being so convinced on how to use it ;)

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