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[Contains curse words] Pecular and very complicated example of why Polish language is so hard to learn

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Here is more comprehensible version with examples:


Basically you can pick base 'pieprzyć' or more vulgar 'pierdolić' and by changing context and prefix or suffix you can convey virtually ANY action, like run, steal, blow up, to dig in dirt, to have an intercourse, and so so so much more. What is really adding to the depth is hard 'R' sound accompanying every swear.There is a short video at the end, that shows us some examples, those are very powerful words here. It's not like Ijust go around and say '****' all day long. It doesn't have that aggresiveR find this exclusive to Polish language, and thus I decided to share this language oddity. Sorry if you feel that it is in bad taste, if I offend anyone, please let it be known I have no intention of doing so, I am only sharing information.


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